Welcome to the Roblox Forum Archive made by Froast. This website holds every forum posts made on the Roblox Forum which was closed December 22nd. Use the navigation bar above to browse through subforums, search for specific posts, or view posts made by a specific user.


The entire site has a new design and feel, and has been reworked from the ground up. You can now search for posts by keywords and apply various filters to searches. You can also use the "time machine" feature to see what a subforum looked like at a certain date and time (this can be done at the bottom of a subforum or you can jump to a time relative to a post by clicking the three dots next to a post). You can opt out of search using the forum archive user dashboard. For more information about updates, check out this thread.


I'd like to thank the contributors who made this project possible. This was not cheap at all in terms of human and technical resources. I really appreciate donations and contributions from all of the following (and more):

1. TheGamer101
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6. Jaxon
6. MetsDogg
6. qqtt991
6. Ravenshield
7. Baheeg
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11. Kegan
12. younite
12. pokita
13. Billabob
14. Nicolas
14. FractalGeometry
14. gm_construct
14. gskw
15. Wure
16. hasan
16. Ed
16. Vanessa
16. Michael
16. Evan
16. Mohammdd
16. Happywalker
17. rika
18. Marco
19. Theodore
20. Tune
20. Sanjay
20. Growncool7

Server costs are extremely expensive (around $70 a month) and I have been paying out of pocket due to lack of donations. Please donate to ensure that the forum archive stays up, because I cannot keep it up much longer without funds.

Please Donate!


Please do not scrape the website. It will be much easier on me and likely easier for you to download the raw files directly. Raw archive files (originally scraped from Roblox) are in a public s3 bucket named “rbx-archive” located in the US West (Oregon) region. Please note that the bucket is requester pays and will require properly configured requests. The bucket contains 154964 gzipped folders where the name of each file describes which threads it contains. For example, file “100000229-1.gz~100001184-1.gz” contains all threads between page 1 of thread 100000229 and page 1 of thread 100001184 inclusive. Each folder typically contains up to 200 gzipped files that include the html of one page of one thread. For example, the file “100000229-1.gz” has page 1 of the thread with the postID 100000229. Note this does not allow you to find a post directly, you have to know which thread it belongs to and which page of the thread it is on. Downloading will likely require technical knowledge and costs around $50 of data transfer fees (you can ask me about a possible loophole with lightsail if you are serious about downloading).