Welcome to the Roblox Forum Archive Beta made by Froast. This website holds every forum posts made on the Roblox Forum which was closed December 22nd. Use the navigation bar above to browse through subforums, search for specific posts, or view posts made by a specific user.


I'd like to thank the contributors who made this project possible. This was not cheap at all in terms of human and technical resources. I really appreciate donations and contributions from all of the following (and more).

  • - Metsfan2009
  • - Ravenshield
  • - Jaxon (anonymous - did not make contact with me after donating)
  • - CPTKurkIV
  • - FractalGeometry
  • - Happywalker
  • - Growncool7
  • - sanjay2003

Any size donation helps! Continued donations will allow me to keep the site up and ad-free and contribute to the development of more features in the future.



All files, including raw files, are stored in cheap archive storage indefinitely. The AWS glacier vault, however, is difficult to access and will not be made public for the time being. Right now, the files are also stored on AWS EBS drives. Although much easier to access, storage costs are very expensive. Funds are limited: if you plan on working with the raw files, you are highly recommended to download them now. Once the SQL dump of the archive is released, it will remain available for longer.

Even if you don't need the files, I encourage others to download and spread the source files of the archive to others.

Raw Source

Every _thread_, including all its pages, was saved to its own file in the format `postId-page.gz` (for example, `20128158-1.gz`). This was done on 10 servers for 10 post ranges onto 10 different hard disks, all of which are on AWS. Below are the snapshot IDs for every single drive. Each drive is 100GB with about 50GB used on each. They each contain ranges of 23 million posts, therefore the first has posts 23 million through 46 million, the second has posts 46 million through 69 million, etc.

  • 1. snap-08acac73d5c493f0e
  • 2. snap-01ab1ecbbf927da8d
  • 3. snap-020e0bac39caed5c5
  • 4. snap-058d5c6fa4586f253
  • 5. snap-0220d0241806fb57c
  • 6. snap-005056bd489ad8f9a
  • 7. snap-0fdf1dcaca43114cc
  • 8. snap-02a98683b2874d0ff
  • 9. snap-064920a7e4cd5c612
  • 10. snap-0e8b4974f0f4bcbb1

Even if you don't need the files, I encourage others to download and spread the source files of the archive to others.

Compiled Source

This is a compilation of the 10 drives into one drive of 500GB. It contains 11 tar files with the format `archive[number].tar`. Each archive contains 23 million posts. The 11th file is a compilation of all log files from both the archive process as well as the import process into a database.

The snapshot ID is: snap-01cb07f8ec7df3c9b

SQL Dump

This is by far the easiest form to work with. If you do not need to work with the raw files, you should just use the SQL database.

A SQL database exists but I won't be able to provide a dump right now. I will release information once I can produce one.