#146931352Sunday, September 28, 2014 7:58 AM GMT

Here is some of my suggestions: 1. Please Make the Parachute TIX so we can survive in the game more frequently. 2. Add Headphones with Mic attached to it. 3. Enable voice chat for more realistic. 4. Player Points every person saved in stranded. 5. More Badges please. 6. Make the Controlls like symmetrical like: B= Brakes, E= Eject etc. 7. Make the Planes a bit Easier to fly. 8. Chopper planes, Like Blackhawk Helicopter 9. Make more Stranded places and things like that. 10. Gas stations, Gas meter and other meters like Speed, Heat etc. That's all for now. only 10. I can make more suggestions but ill go to cemetery and church.
#146940551Sunday, September 28, 2014 1:44 PM GMT

Hello, So here's my suggestion, Maybe a gamepass so whenever you join the game your on the Ro-Force Air Base team?
#146946194Sunday, September 28, 2014 3:23 PM GMT

#146947268Sunday, September 28, 2014 3:40 PM GMT

First of all, the map is getting bigger, as said my Porkchops. And second helis arent likely to be added, as said by Porkchops.
#146969470Sunday, September 28, 2014 8:35 PM GMT

I don't think its fair when you are stranded so I think you should have a home city that they start in if you don't ### it tell me
#146975480Sunday, September 28, 2014 9:48 PM GMT

I love this game im on it whenever i can. but i found that because anyone can use any gear in the game it can cheese people off. for example you manage to get into a plane and then your all hyped up but then as soon as your about to go you get blown up by a rocket launcher or a guy with a flying carpet trolling you (yes this happened to me) i don't mean to complain. one other thing i would like a lot is if the traffic control tower could be a working model like letting planes go and leave plus again to stop the trolling only 2 people can be in the tower of the tower could be a VIP area I Would BUY IT. Plus there are heli pads are you going to add these soon?
#146979926Sunday, September 28, 2014 10:46 PM GMT

Please reply. I am flying, I regened it to, and ALL of my planes (1 of each type) have randomly blowen up, ABOVE the water. Whats going on? My HP was max Afterburners of, landing gear up. Answer PLEASE!
#146983489Sunday, September 28, 2014 11:38 PM GMT

Hi! the name's Zach and like this game a lot. I would really like to see a military aircraft in the game (F35 lighting 2) but as for minor tweaks for helping the game go, -Fix bug where plane will shake irrationally on runway -Make it so when you are in the air, you have to hold down the Y key about 5 seconds to make sure people don't die from pressing the wrong key. -add more to the air traffic control tower (I dunno, just allow people to signal other people) Thanks for reading over my comment!
#147015065Monday, September 29, 2014 2:59 PM GMT

Hello there my name is XxmyboatissinkingXx so my problem is can you make another plane and oh and when i fly the plane and i put the lander gears and i explode and thats my problem Thanks, XxmyboaissinkingXx
#147017661Monday, September 29, 2014 4:29 PM GMT

If you want, you can maybe make the islands more realistic, I am not saying that they aren't realistic, but if you make them look a bit more, it would of been much better. But make sure that it doesn't lag for those people who don't have good PC's. It's extremely epic right now, I just love it. I used to go there everyday, remembering the tool and stuff, now it's more advanced with the planes. You did a very great job, keep it up porkchops :3 !
#147018683Monday, September 29, 2014 5:02 PM GMT

add a different plane
#147029351Monday, September 29, 2014 9:07 PM GMT

@Tanker Make sure that you're not dragging the butt of your plane on the ground. If it's dragging, it'll explode mid-air.
#147030057Monday, September 29, 2014 9:19 PM GMT

@Flower yea! Dragging on concrete = sparks Butt of plane = thruster = Thruster = fire coming out Sparks + Thruster = BOOM
#147031216Monday, September 29, 2014 9:36 PM GMT

I think you should...... add a jet like the falcon or something but with 3 seats one for the pilot then 2 for the people you are rescuing thats it BAII
#147033239Monday, September 29, 2014 10:05 PM GMT

- More dynamic (meaning destructible, swaying, etc.) bricks. BUT NEEDS TO BE FEATHERED OR ELSE IT'LL BE A NIGHTMARE! - Planes on Aircraft carrier. - Boats on aircraft carrier. - TONS of more islands - Limit to amount of rescuers, for more rescuing fun :D - Removal of abusive gears.
#147041733Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:03 AM GMT

Just letting you know I am reading all of your comments so you don't think I am ignoring you all. Some ideas so far have seen good and some don't, keep it coming! Like a Bozz
#147045616Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:53 AM GMT

This game is going to be awesome. Pretty good that you are building up from Supercolin. Please bring the Kestrel back, it just had a unique long body similar to the Falcon, was also more manueverable than the goose. - Make like a parachute would be cool. - A CINEMATIC view for flying a plane would be awesome for Let's Plays + reviews, and in just general. - Shaking of the camera while flying at high speeds will make it an awesome thing. - The effects of g-force, including blacking out. - I'd also really like motion blur too.
#147045872Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:55 AM GMT

Hello there. I am a great fan of the game RFRM And this is my suggestion add a BOAT and get rid of the aircraftcarrier in the middle of the ocean i am gonna get back to haveing a great deal of fun playing thy game Bye Bye (seriously add a boat and i HATE that aircraft carrier bye)
#147067914Tuesday, September 30, 2014 11:40 AM GMT

I think you need to add soem thing to stop the planes from exploding as soon as they start i started my plane and it went side ways back forth and i just stop pressen my key board and it keep going then exploded.
#147076618Tuesday, September 30, 2014 4:56 PM GMT

Motion blur on your screen is impossible. However G Force effects have been planned for later. Like a Bozz
#147078056Tuesday, September 30, 2014 5:47 PM GMT

Hi Porkchops I have two idea that could make RFRM really epic and make it even more popular! My ideas are: 1. Would It be possible to add another airbase so each base is fighting to recruit more players by rescuing them first, so which means I guess, could it be possible to import guns into the game so the jets have weapons and players have weapons. Also would it be possible for each airbase (If you like this idea and add it) has its unique air vehicles but function identically but have a slight advantage over the other team or something like that but maybe both teams have an AC 130 which they could fly and when they switch to the guns, it acts like the AC 130 from Call Of Duty, Battlefield Ect. And 2. On the islands where the survivors spawn maybe each Island could have Zombies but the zombies would behave differently on each island. Which I guess when I said above about adding Guns, the survivors have a pistol and a knife to start off with. When they are rescued and taken to one of the bases, they could go to a possible Armoury that could be added and equip themselves with a variety of Weapons! I Hope you like these Ideas Porkchops and hopefully they could get added soon if you think they could do well! :D
#147081603Tuesday, September 30, 2014 7:35 PM GMT

You should start working on the Chinook or something. Or make it to were you can do missions and also rescue?
#147174802Thursday, October 02, 2014 8:16 AM GMT

Please add the plane that has same design as Hawk and have 4 seats (1 driver seat, 3 passenger seats)?
#147189648Thursday, October 02, 2014 7:24 PM GMT

Two additional requests for me: 1) Add ability to eject the passenger. Sometimes you get people who refuse to leave the passenger seat; the only recourse is to blow up the plane/kill them. 2) Please add (if you can) a word filter to block out the word 'noob'; people get really abusive with this word, confusing it with newb. They use it as a reckless insult instead of its original purpose. A true noob is a newbie player who asks dumb questions that they could figure out themselves if only they would just play the game.
#147231728Friday, October 03, 2014 11:27 AM GMT

No. One suggestion and demand: 1) REMOVE THE HEATSEEKERSSSSSS!!!!