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Username Change
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This post still appears in my active posts Put the bunny back in the box!
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But, of course!
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You didn't think these noobs now look UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I cannot look at dis ugli faces. AAAAAAAAAAA I dont want to friend anyone, I dont want to talk with anyone everyon is so UGLYYY. Empire stopped being BC that is really ##### Now the only game is Vampire Hunters 2.
#204220883Monday, December 12, 2016 1:36 PM GMT

Sorry for swearing.
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that was not a necrobump that was a 7 day bump.
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Wait, were you the first one to suggest this? I'm sorry but, I permanently have a grudge against you. I have to donate to new players just so they can get some cool looking stuff now, instead of looking like the default character. The Hippie of S&I.
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That's why I'm still bumping this.
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Do you know why they removed it? They actually did it so more people would buy Robux which would give Roblox LOTS OF REAL MONEY!! And it actually worked! But its makes Roblox REALLY GREEDY! Personally I hate that idea... Tix were the best.... :(
#205222790Saturday, December 24, 2016 4:22 AM GMT

Can someone find the ideas pertaining to Removal of BC Options and Price Floor, and link them here?
#205232799Saturday, December 24, 2016 7:47 AM GMT

How are the removal of BC options relevant to this thread?
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I think we should keep tix, because robux costs money, which means roblox, as it says it is free, would not be as free as it says. When fix WAS removed, I thought, aw man, now no game passes or anything like that will be free, roblox isn't as free if we don't get tix. Tix makes people believe they can earn robux, at one robux per ten tix. I want tix back! Besides, if people DO want to get robux faster, they can buy it so roblox can keep the site running, tix makes people want to play roblox. I personally want tix to come back the way it was before. Please, regardless of free stuff, do you want tix back. Thank you, for reading my reasoning.
#205325093Sunday, December 25, 2016 10:12 AM GMT

To be honest,the removal of tix really affected many players in ROBLOX,most especially the NBCers. They can't buy ANYTHING AT ALL to customize their avatar and that's the worse part. They need to spend real life money for that,which is ridiculous. However,you probably shouldn't blame this player that it's his fault for telling out the idea,as there's no evidence that he's the one who started this.The game's supposed to be free.
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Did anyone read my reply? Just curious.
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Just did. Don't expect same-day responses from this thread anymore. The removal of Tix is a complicated thing, I know. But I'm happy they are gone, it just made this world confusing and Tix were worthless.
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I thought they were worth the clothing for NBCers avatars,weren't they? And how did it make the world confusing,isn't it just a simple currency?
#205350303Sunday, December 25, 2016 5:26 PM GMT

Tix were not as much confusing among other things, but more often than not, I would hear from friends thinking they had enough Tix to buy an item and then realizing that the item was in Robux instead. Multiple currencies create problems similar to this, but also many more complicated problems in reality.
#205402098Monday, December 26, 2016 4:32 AM GMT

I think that tix was not a bad idea. I mean, srsly. they removed tix cuz they want money. now... WHO IS WITH ME?!?! BRING BACK TIX! BRING BACK TIX! BRING BACK TIX! BRING BACK TIX! BRING BACK TIX! BRING BACK TIX!
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More than a week since this was up. Strange.
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Yes but No