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Top Players from each team, lets start. (LBL Players, I realized not to argue with 24/7 thread stalkers, so I suggest you guys in LBL don't argue with them, they are gonna clog the chat. :-] ) *= 50-59 Overall. **- 60-69 Overall. ***- 70-79 Overall. ****- 80-89 Overall. *****- 90-100 Overall. If I put one-four stars with a ^ next to it, its (number) and a half. EXAMPLE: ***^= 3 1/2 stars. Memphis RedBirds 1. iDefrostation: A solid pitcher who can perform, will get your outs and will allow an occaisonal hit, usually atleast 5 hits pergame. A solid hitter who can get other people farther on bases. **** 2. Reset2334950: Good hitter overall, usually can get your team a hit. A good outfielder also with good arm/accurate from long places from the base. Only downfall maybe is his ego and attitude, some times not paying attention to the game. ***^ Jackson Generals (This team has 3 star players, sorry I could only fit two.) 1. alextoontown2: Great all around player, can play any position, and can hit well. Really fairs well since hes on a solid team, incase for maybe an MVP award. ****^ 2. RKOKINGSOM: Excellent hitter, barely ever seen him get striken out. The reason I chose him over jerbeargorilla is because his hitting. Both their fielding is similiar, RKO is just better than him at hitting in my opinion. They both are calm and nice players, both of them I would've signed. **** SOrry jerboargorilla. Florence RedWolves- led by herobrine8124 1: give me more evidence that 2: u actually have a player that plays ro baseball. Chicago Cubs- led by ithundetron 1. hbrown19: Veteran, pretty solid player. Can play most positions, decent hitter. Could be in Golden Glove situation. One of the only problems he has is his ego and attitude. **** 2. You Pick the second player, this team has very decent players, hbrown stuck out in mind for me though. dogmau5 could be in situation, so could others. Put your opinion on the LBL wall! Arizona Diamondbacks- led by pcytox 1. zillazonknd123: Great hitter, can get you on the base when needed. He is also very clutch. Excellent fielder, i compare him to me :3. Only downfall is his umping skills af! ***** 2. DRYCOBRA3: Same thing to zilla, a little less worse batter though. And his downfall is his ego and attitude. ****^ Aberdeen Ironbirds- led by amusing55 1. Tonyrocks345: Excellent Pitcher, turns it on when needed. When hes hot, he allows no hits, only strikes. When hes cold, he has to rely on his defense, and throws a lot of balls. Most of the time hes hot. He is also an exceptional Hitter. ****^ 2. KellyPelly206: All arounder, with excellent hitting. Old season 1’er, like my other teammates. Has a great future. ****^ Stay classy LBL.
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whats the point of rangin the stars from 1-4 if you give al the players 4 stars anyway >:[
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BRuh u didnt add me
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I hope you know that alex wants to come to cubs

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