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Player Rating Mockery made by Kayska9. Assisted by YBB, Adil, Inscrul, KevinXIV and 3For3. The following ratings were taken off DragonTail10's Player Ratings report. A lot of controversy surrounds his report but to be honest I found it to be accurate and quite fair. I just find a lot of you players believe you were rated "Lower". Name me one player who wants to be rated lower because they know for a fact they should be lower? Bet you no one will. Everyone wants a higher rating. On DDK's I was rated 89 <--- Now that's Bias'ed because I am no where near 89. I fall under a 82-85 Rating. So, all of you guys trying to trash Dragon you all are lying to yourselves and getting too confident in your weak skills. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Only the top players on each team will be in the Mockery. (Including Coaches may make the team have 3 or more players in it.) Side Note: Teams that were not included are teams that are just a waste of time and energy trying to even make a mockery of. They'll mock themselves during the regular season and playoffs if they can even get there. Instructions: The ratings on the left (closest to player names) are the original and the ones on the left (furthest away from player names) are the mockery. ________________________________________________________________________________________ WAS: Gb00 [68] - [00] Gb00 is ranked as 00 because he has won 00 rings. xSayj [93] - [03] This guy has been 0-3 in the finals! KoreanMonster [87] - [32] The same age as his beloved leader Kim Jong-un. Mariospider64 [81] - [32] You have the same # as YBB and you're not allowed!!! OddDoge [83] - [0] Because he has 0 Titles in Ro-Action Wrestling. WillBall2 [78] - [-1] He's the one to be abused. #AbuseWill MIN: DragonTail10 [100] - [0] Worst coach/Unfair Ref/Rigging B.O.D./Amazing B.R Leader. LebronieJames [-18] - [50] He's half trash/half decent and wishes he was half of Lebron. IronManJ [93] - [99] Because that's how many times you turn over the ball when Inscrul guards you. Infinitify [85] - [99999999] Because that's how many times YBB breaks your ankles. Beth2k16 [79] - [10] Because that's how many inches she's packing. (She has the biggest pair of NUTS than her entire team.) WolfSSBB [82] - [Cinco] Cuz this guy gets crazy during the Cinco de Mayo festival with his mom and Granny. karnoveer [76] - [3] He's the third member from "Straight outta the Pind" HalfDrake [92] - [1/2] He's half of Drake in the sense that he air balls. (Drake in kentucky game) (Air balls clutch shot in WCF) DEN: SomebodyDivine [95] - [7] This number represents the amount of accounts he has lost and how many times he has thrown a "beesh fit". cooldude1234555 [94] - [99] That's how many times you told everyone on Wake Forest we'd never win a ring. EricBledsoeXI [79] - [11] Probably your real age. Clonejoe5099 [90] - [69] You are Joe the Ho_3. ziczaczoom [81] - [1] He's about to become the most overrated rookie since 3For3. #Bust generalfolley [30] - [100] This is because no one on Orlando wants to get abused by your suspensions this season. We love you!!! <3 <3 <3 MIA: Only 3 people because everyone else is just not key on the team. Waviiplayboy1 [88] - [-88] You living off old timing records/skills when you are actually a lot trashier than rooks in NCAA. Khoveri [92] - [12] The score you can never get over while Orlando plays you. MrAwesome521 [30] - [1] The round your team will exit out of this season. ORL: youngbigboss6466 [98] - [0] The amount of assists he averages per game. #Hog Kayska9 [85] - [17] Because I'm 17 and od with "iikekekawaii" and I go to college and have no life and play roblox all day! Inscrul [84] - [_] No number because he wasn't on the list. Also the amount of empty threats he's given. 3for3 [78] - [-1] Best bust of all time. SwaeLee [88] - [5] The only starter to win 5th man of the year award. Has done the impossible!!! TrollMasterYak [78] - [0] The score Troll will have all season because he is a mean green clanking machine. IND: No ratings because this is the most trash team in the NRBA. #SneakPeakForTheBash OKC: Waste of time. Won't even make the play-offs. Who are your players anyways? MEM: Dethmonk [87] - [11] Because that's your age and how many voice cracks you get in a day. XxYP3xX [86] - [2] Cuz 1 you are Ugly and 2 you got Six fat flaps on your body. B9bucketz [84] - [9] The "B" in your name stands for Brick. Nuff Said. BrandonABrown [81] - [4] Cuz that's how many wifi bars you don't get. #Lagger CamxronBaker [80] - [??] You straight up trash... <3 JordanxWhite [78] - [100] The amount of lies you spread about your skills and on how you were becoming a starter on MEM even though you on the "Trade Block". LAL: KyleIsKobe [86] - [20] Cuz that's how many packs of cigs you smoke a day. Your voice is just raspy and quit rapping while you still can. BCThaeGod [80] - [66] The route you live on. Howdy Feller >;) Jerrel28 [76] - [28] The amount of times you receive the ball and brick! CHI: DjStoner [81] - [?] Who are you again? EliteJayy [77] - [77] MBA the only league you'll ever be a legend in. RybackStinks [0] - [0] Your name sums it up. You Staaaaannk! Izzy540 [72] - [54] A score you'll never reach again. TripleR [85] - [RRR] Wanna be Triple H. CHA: You'll be lucky to even make the play-offs with the roster you have. ATL: Some how there's a team that's even worse than CHA. GSW: (Only 2 because they are the only 2 people good enough to be on this list.) UncleDemar [80] - [10] Because that's your last known age. lmj43052 [91] - [43] Because that was your shooting percentage during the S8 Finals. PHX: Phoenix is trash because they drafted another bust in MPlayer Rating Mockery made NOLA: Tarheel438 [88] - [43.8] He's going no where in the new 4v4 Era. eatdefeat [82] - [16] That's how many defeats you'll be eating this season. leroylewis815 [85] - [85] The best all around shooter ain't gonna shoot nothing on me. Spydeman340 [91] - [03] Even if you were at the S8 Finals Orlando still woulda swept you 0-3. esparrow [74] - [12] The year you first joined NRBA. Probably the only year you were only good. PHI: Going down Forfeit Lane so fast. TOR: LordTortoise [89] - OddGiraffe [81] - OddOrangutan [74] - joshua44783487 [72] - NYK: DylanDaKidd [83] EliStealEm [84] True2Swift [92] YellowMDDC [90] Unspeared [76] KingHuge6 [79] x1337xLegitx1337 [76] KoreyGreenland [75] Odimes [78] KiddMelo [77] Quenvo [74] Mike88088 [73] HOU: xFord29 [81] 9tailedfox5 [83] PINKMeetings [75] Movementx [71] ninjaboycoolswag [77] UnusualChimaru [74] hitters45vikings [58] djcookie5ALTaccount [68] djman546 [65] NeonFlyer21 [69] andrewsocold21 [68] rk419 [You don't need 2 ratings just look below] YoshiCousins [76] POR: chefbarfbag12 [78] IntenseBlaze [79] KingDeejay [86] WGThaeGod [95] Jynxsta397 [78] Mxthteacher [70] memory462 [68] BoogalooShrimp [81] LordUnion [77] JLThaeGod [71] CornerTimee [72] Rrhen101 [69] BCThaeGod [76] WenFyedEm [70] iiFinesseii [73] IzzyThaeGod [66] NOLA: Tarheel438 [88] eatdefeat [82] leroylewis815 [85] Spydeman340 [91] InsanityBoss [77] AndrewParkerXI [72] WalaJuice [74] esparrow [74] Unfinessin [68] AuraBreak [79] dynamicsensei [75] HermanWilliker [71] locokoolkid [73] PHI: You are going no where so fast. TOR: LordTortoise [89]- [60] That's what Young made you look like during the Cleveland Series. OddGiraffe [81] - [31] That's how many people you need as back-up to pack just Me and Young in a call. joshua44783487 [72] - [-72] Biggest bust ever. Wake Forest disgrace. NYK: DylanDaKidd [83] - [2] This is the 2nd team that you're gonna coach horribly in your career, the first one being LAL (S8). EliStealEm [84] - [14.9] The amount you need to speed Orlando in order to win. True2Swift [92] - [2] 2 Trash, 2 Huff, 2 Terrible, 2 True to even be good. YellowMDDC [90] - [9] That's your age, kid. HOU: xFord29 [81] - [29] This is your rating because nothing improved. (#RiggedVoting) 9tailedfox5 [83] - [9] This how many times you cheat and lag during a game. Movementx [71] - [17] That's your actual age. >;) POR: KingDeejay [86] - [6] Defensive player of the year my A5$. You should be 6th man on your bench. WGThaeGod [95] - [1.5] Stick the JBL 1.5 second non-rip back ball cuz that's the only league you were ever good in. Jynxsta397 [78] - [3] The only stats you'll get in every game. BoogalooShrimp [81] - [0] Worst NCAA coach in the history of NCAA.
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This is a joke
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Didn't i already turnup on you son? I wish to die as a criminal.. a traitor - Sasuke Uchiha

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