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Hello folks, I'm here to inform you of the geographical location and cultural background of After The Flash: Deep Six, aka D6, aka ATF6. I'm from Savannah, Georgia - a large town just north of the site of D6. You are urged to look on Google Maps for the full understanding of this description Anyways, here's the major GEOGRAPHICAL points: 1) Half Moon River is not the actual name. Half Moon Creek is actually the name of it. It barely shows up on a map if you look hard enough. 2) HMC is certainly not large enough for the USS Winfall to fit through. It barely reaches the 30 Foot depth mark. 3) We don't have many diversified forests. It is mainly either water oaks, pines, or palm trees. We have a few century old oak trees deep in the woods, but they aren't just everywhere. 4) HMC is not in a forested area. In my region, to get to Tybee Island, a popular beach attraction, you follow this single-heavily trafficked road, passing just a few marinas on the way. If you look to your right, you see miles and miles of marshlands. There are a few clumps of pines every now and then, but it is a flat and wet wasteland. To your left is Fort Pulaski, a historical confederate fort from the civil war, surrounded by clumps of bushes and more and more marsh. 5) HMC would have to either be a renaming for Bull River, a forested region and traversed by cargo vessels each day. Or it could be the Savannah River, heading directly through the port of Savannah (And we do have a region of Chatham County -the name of our county- nicknamed Southside) and is heavily populated on both sides by Downtown on one, and South Carolina on the other. In the middle is an isle long enough to support a commercial region. This could easily be the "Bridge Center" if it was to flood on both ends, creating a small blob of land in the river. A bridge reaches over the island and into South Carolina if you follow it for a few miles. Now for the CULTURAL points: 1) No, we don't all have a southern accent, though it is greatly common among citizens here. 2) We rely heavily on ports to grow our economy. Tourism is a large factor for us here, but that would end immediately following the nuclear fallout. The marshes would surely die out without sun, leaving muddy plateaus all across our coasts. 3) NO WE DON'T WEAR COWBOY HATS. Maybe if you drive inland for a few miles you will see some, but NO we don't wear those as common accessories. Nor do we wear overalls for daily outfits. Beards are common, so I'll give you that point for half of you wearing the Andrew's Beard. 4) Fishing is common. I haven't even seen one fisherman on D6 yet, step up your game guys. 5) Moonshining (Dew) is fairly uncommon. I lived in Ellabell before moving back to Savannah again, and I saw only about four deals go down at night, and it was very accepted as a business by the people. 6) We wear T-shirts, regular jeans, and very commonly fashion baseball caps instead of the "Traditional" cowboy hats. We're not the hill-folk from the media. We're people. If you wanna see what people call "Rednecks", go inland, like to Claxton or Macon or Statesboro (Again, Google Maps is very handy for your understanding.) 7) We DO have one of the largest military bases in the country: Fort Stewart. It includes mechanized infantry, artillery training, armored divisions, marine brigades, Rangers, and more. Also, Hunter Army Airfield is inside of the marshlands I talked about, abutting Savannah's Southside, *Cough* Fort Wilmington! *Cough*. HAAF includes Delta force, an elite group of soldiers, which may have been relocated before the siege of HAAF of CDF soldiers after the Flash. It is the main airport for military aid in the South. Now, If I left out any controversial topics I'll add them in later, but for now, this should be everything you need to know about D6: Where it is and what your character would be like if born from the region. Leave any questions below about what I mentioned here.
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bbut if that is d6 who am I? snoop dogs uncle? who knows... maybe yours truly holy pope?who knows...
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you are my son. educated in the art of fictional places being geographically wrong, there fore, my explanation is wrong aswell.
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Wat but, you stoopid mate u've ben ep0s3d
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boi u iz stoopid, u dnt even kno how 2 maik gramar hapenn.
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Oh, and I hope you nerds are actually taking in this knowledge. Not just reading what I know of my region. I hope this guide actually takes effect into ATF6.
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thanks for the read my dute but i highly doubt that this would be relevent after the apocalypse and nuclear winter reshaped the geography and culture of the region
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Of course that would happen, I'm just saying, not ALL attributes would dissipate away. And the geography would remain BASICALLY the same. Maybe an island flooded, now it's just a sandbar. Maybe the oceans lowered, causing the marshes to be able to grow up to tree level, I don't know. It's all just fun to have a game near my region.
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^ about 6, head to alabama we have a lot of that
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Nearly all my chars sell dew, very few fish... Though I do fish at TIMES.
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Wot? Just remember fishing in the unclean water is dangerous.

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