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#192788070Monday, July 04, 2016 4:29 PM GMT

>>>>>>>>Keep in mind, this is a prediction, not a fact. This is an opinion.<<<<<<<< There's only one ball and there's four superstars. Curry, Green, and Thompson did fine, as a lot of threesomes in the NBA do. But a foursome? That's not really something that's happened before. Add Durant, who was one of the two main scorers in OKC, and who is going to want the ball, is going to throw off all the chemistry. When someone (most likely: Durant or Green) doesn't get the ball, there's going to be infighting and complaining, the whole nine. Curry will still put up MVP numbers, and Thompson will still put up great numbers too. But Durant's numbers will go down significantly, and Green's numbers will also go down. I think there's too much talent here for it to work. Three stars, that works. But four? I don't know. It could work, I could be completely wrong. I hope I'm wrong for the Warriors sake. But I think there's too many super stars and not enough balls to pass around. I think it will work in year two of this, but not year one. Super bold prediction: Spurs get number one seed, and the Clippers win the Pacific. Golden State still makes the playoffs, beats whoever they play in the first round, but lose in the quarterfinals. The "star power" doesn't deliver as expected. Again, these are my opinions and my predictions. I know I'm going to get tons of flak for this and I'd greatly appreciate some actual constructive criticism, and not just name calling and "lol...." This is the sports forum though so I'm not expecting that. And before you call me biased, I'm a Wizards fan and this doesn't affect me at all.
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-thread is too long so proceeds on with other 3 word threads-
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3/4 players have already played with each other. 2/4 have an NBA mvp to their name. Their head coach is one of the best in the NBA. There is no way this team falls on their face.
#222414830Wednesday, July 26, 2017 7:49 PM GMT

Remember when I said this and then they won the NBA Championship in a rout of the playoffs What an idiot I am
#222415330Wednesday, July 26, 2017 7:54 PM GMT

ewwww sports
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didnt feel like reading yes

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