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#204080683Sunday, December 11, 2016 12:46 AM GMT

I was bored so I did this on a website that I don't want to say so this doesnt get blocked. Most relevant RNFL people are on here (besides little cause he's gamemaker) BTW I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP I USED A WEBSITE At the start, Harlemshaker22 ki11s folesphilly and kratosgreg YoungMamiSantana ki11s Ki11east Sadcheapo,Harlemshaker22,Sonicrockrap, and DrewMathieu create an alliance. Mxrly,CoolUlises,Dracaryes, TEDOG1232, and RejectionNation create an alliance. (END OF DAY ONE) 3 cannon shots can be heard (Foles,Kratos,Ki11east) Mxrly and Biker1990 create a final 2 pact. KvngSpartaHD and Sonicrockrap recieve gifts from a sponsor Sadcheapo and Brewsghost get into a fight, Brewsghost wins, but refuses to ki11 Sad. JoeyGBP and TEDOG1232 split up and search for resources CanadianCanucks and LazyRBLX get into a fight and Lazy is ki11ed. Mattiasg9, DrewMathieu, and YoungMamiSantana get in a fight, YoungMamiSantana ki11s them both. Astrumis ki11s MontaWilliams (END OF DAY TWO) 4 cannon shots can be heard (LazyRBLX,DrewMathieu,Mattiasg9,MontaWilliams) JulioSome ki11s Harlemshaker22 in his sleep. BrewsGhost and Youngmamisantana snuggle together for warmth Sonicrockrap d1es from starvation. JoeyGBP ki11s Biker1990 (END OF DAY THREE) 3 cannon shots can be heard (HarlemShaker22, Sonicrockrap, Biker1990) JulioSome, BrewsGhost, RejectionNation, and Dracaryes create a su1cled pact, and all ki11 themselves TEDOG1232, Awesomeoamusing2, and YoungMamiSantana hunt for other tributes. SadCheapo dies from hypothermia KvngSpartaHD ki11s CoolUlises (END OF DAY FOUR) 6 Cannon Shots can be heard (JulioSome, BrewsGhost, RejectionNation, Dracaryes, Sadcheapo, CoolUlises) KvngSpartaHD ki11s Astrumis TEDOG1232 Blanks out and faints (THE CORNOCOPIA (Where all tributes start at beginning of game) is replenished with food, and weapons) CanadianCanucks ki11s himself. Awesomeoamusing2 ki11s himself. KvngSpartaHD and Youngmamisantana escape the Cornocopia with supplies TEDOG1232 poisons YoungMamiSantana's food, ki11ng him. (END OF DAY 5) 4 cannon shots can be heard (Astrumis, CanadianCanucks, Awesomeoamusing2,YoungMamiSantana) JoeyGBP ki11s KvngSpartaHD Mxrly falls into a trap and dies TEDOG1232 poisons JoeyGBP's food, ki11ng him. (END OF DAY 6) 3 cannon shots can be heard (KvngSpartaHD, Mxrly, JoeyGBP) As the last person alive, TEDOG1232 wins the RNFL Hunger Games! He is given a life of luxury and will now be a mentor for future tributes. FINAL STATS 24th:FolesPhilly 23rd:KratosGreg 22nd:Ki11East 21st:LazyRBLX 20th:Mattiasg9 19th:DrewMathieu 18th:MontaWilliams 17th:HarlemShaker22 16th:Sonicrockrap 15th:Biker1990 14th:JulioSome 13th:BrewsGhost 12th:RejectionNation 11th:Dracaryes 10th:Sadcheapo 9th:CoolUlises 8th:Astrumis 7th:CanadianCanucks 6th:awesomeoamusing2 5th:YoungMamiSantana 4th:KvngSpartaHD 3rd:Mxrly 2nd:JoeyGBP 1st:TEDOG1232
#204105979Sunday, December 11, 2016 6:11 AM GMT

That was beautiful
#204187801Monday, December 12, 2016 2:03 AM GMT

"SadCheapo dies from hypothermia" bro i got a hood on
#227743712Monday, November 20, 2017 12:21 AM GMT

where am i

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