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#205239082Saturday, December 24, 2016 10:19 AM GMT

I am playing this game from 2010.Yeah six big years...I cant forget the Sword arena or Survive Diasters map,but ı cant forget one more thing: "ticket" Now i have 9 robux from old times but what can i do with it? Is that my gain from six big years?Come on roblox you need to bring it back.I am waiting for it and i love all of you,See ya.
#205239574Saturday, December 24, 2016 10:31 AM GMT

I'm very surprised I am seeing this type of post from someone who's been here since 2010. But now it's time for that paragraph again. Tickets were botted and were destroying the roblox economy. You had to wait ONE WHOLE MONTH to buy a decent outfit (Shirt + Pants) as the price floor was 100tix (again because of the massive inflation of them) All the noobs would say that removing tix will destroy the roblox economy, but it actually improved it and now items are actually way cheaper than before tickets were removed.
#205244692Saturday, December 24, 2016 12:40 PM GMT

No bad idea. Tickets were absolutely terrible now, because there were SO many people playing ROBLOX that they got inflated, botted, and abused. It was time for them them to go. Even if you disagree, just accept the fact that they are NOT coming back. EVER.
#205245638Saturday, December 24, 2016 1:00 PM GMT

Please get over it. Tickets are not coming back, no matter how much you whine.
#205246347Saturday, December 24, 2016 1:15 PM GMT

idrc if tickets got removed or not, overall, it was a silly currency.. i like boys
#205246721Saturday, December 24, 2016 1:23 PM GMT

Get over with it, it was a big fail in the economy. And I want movie tickets.
#205249854Saturday, December 24, 2016 2:22 PM GMT

I missed TIX too, dude. I feel you. But, TIX are now a memory of the past. It's also against the WNTS to post to bring TIX back, due to the fact that it's reversing a huge update. And, ROBLOX also finalized their decision. The Hippie of S&I.
#205339039Sunday, December 25, 2016 2:54 PM GMT

Maybe you are right but at least you need to give us robux month to month
#205339106Sunday, December 25, 2016 2:55 PM GMT

XD why not
#205358477Sunday, December 25, 2016 7:22 PM GMT

Uh no. Giving out free ROBUX to all users causes MASSIVE inflation.
#205359165Sunday, December 25, 2016 7:33 PM GMT

Instead of hating on the OP, Chatowillwin, how about suggesting a system that eliminates both barring people from the economy and inflation?
#205363303Sunday, December 25, 2016 8:34 PM GMT

W N T S -insert sarcastic remark here-
#205363531Sunday, December 25, 2016 8:37 PM GMT

I like this idea. As long as you cant trade them , they should be brought back! Well. Peace out

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