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Actual emo and goth are both awesome. Gothic rock like The Cure is pretty nioce and usually took from post-punk and equally great movement. Gothic metal is also great, stuff like Type O Negative (thanks for showing me them Ethan) are great and honestly the more stuff like that the better. As for emo it depends on the wave. First wave emo is very much in the vein of punk. Stuff like Rites of Spring, Orchid, and too a point Sunny Day Real Estate. This stuff is pretty good and showed a shift in the hardcore scene away from violence. 2nd wave emo went even farther away from violence and became much more calm but at the same time much more moody. It also embraced more prog rock elements such as odd time signatures and just certain progier song writing inflections. This stuff is like American Football, Cap N Jazz (which is also in Scremo which still held some of the old hardcore roots inside of them), Joan Of Arc, and a few other nioce bands. 3rd wave emo is the emo you all know. The FOB's the Panic!'s the MCR's, the stuff everyone loves to make fun of. But there was still some good stuff. The first album in this scene I'd say, is Pinkerton by Weezer. This took some stuff from the previous (and current since this was 1996) waves of emo and actually I say took some inspiration from some folk rock and classic rock if you listen close enough to create a very somber and introspective experience. Brand New also made Deja Entendu which is a beautiful album which shows just how good a band Brand New is. Bleed American and Clarity are also two great albums by Jimmy Eat World. But I can totally see why people see the third wave of emo as pathetic. FOB became very stale very fast (it was all downhill after Under The Cork Tree), Panic! was great but certainly wasn't really an emo band. They were more of a pop rock band then anything with some more melancholic lyrics. And MCR had a good batch of songs but wasn't for everyone. 4th wave emo is more in the vein of 2nd wave emo but occasionally taking some from the first and 3rd waves of emo. Stuff like Into It. Over It., The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Mothers, Sorority Noise, Owen, and a few more bands like this are considered 4th wave emo. This genre is also pretty good, if you want a good starting point I say the 3 albums you should listen to are "Whenever, If Ever" by The World Is A Beautiful Place... "Intersections" by Into. It Over It. And "You're Gonna Miss It All" by Modern Baseball.
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on friday
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On Friday ill be in DC for the inauguration for our new emperor B)

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