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3 time all star, 2 home run derby championships. Have won 2 Gold Gloves, 2 Silver Sluggers, an MBP, Cy Young, Hank Aaron. Have been here since S1. Played S1, S###S###S###S### ###S1: Played with DrCarnival on Boston. Was a great first season as we made it to the world series and lost in a close game S3###olorado! My winning season. Being coached by skraxx was a lot of fun, and it was great to be apart of the team and hit a lot of big home runs. Winning the HRD was also great!!! S5: Oakland Athletics! We had a great run to the semis, and although we came short it was very fun to play at O.CO S6: LAD!!! We made it to G7 of the finals but lost to Jeff's team. Was very fun to play at Dodger Stadium and I will never forgot those fun times S7: One of my fav seasons with KCR. We had a great team and a great chance to make it somewhat far. Although we fell short, it was amazing to play with all of you!! Thank you everyone for having me here for 5 seasons, I am very lucky to have made the HOF Special thanks to: TheSkraxx: This man has been my coach for quite a while. He stuck with me through my seasons in this league. I am happy we had a winning season together when we played for COL, and I hope to see you around again iSmogen: Not much to say other than you were a nice coach who trained me a lot while I was on LAD. Thanks man See all of you aroun!!!!
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Your Goeing TO The MLB Hall-O'FAm "LOL so if humans live to 100 dogs live to 700" -ChloeP4813 | "your and your're actually pretty much means the same thing. and your is a real word." -Crasymanjr03 | This is my siggy. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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Your Goeing TO The MLB Hall-O'FAm very good, haha yes
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nice essay

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