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Sign this petition if you want admins or ROBLOX in general to give us more coverage of the new lighting system for all of our lighting eye candy needs! Thank you zeuxcg for making such an amazing system, I look forward to it's implementation. And if you're going to say it won't be implemented you're most likely wrong, because this is being made by the same guy that worked on Dynamic Lighting and brought us Smooth Terrain. On top of that I was on Twitter and saw (I forgot who, but they were an admin I believe) say it's in the works. They've already added light influence to particles from his demo. Personally I think they're slowly patching it in. I still find myself yearning for more footage of it, and maybe one day a playable demo like we had for dynamic lighting back in the days. If you don't know what the Future is Bright project is, search it up on YouTube: ROBLOX Future is Bright. I can link it if you want as well. I think if it's implemented properly it could easily make ROBLOX a top competitor graphically as far as free game engines go. The lighting system in my book rivals Unreal 4. That's how good I thought it looked, and if that doesn't make you excited for more footage of it then I don't know what will.
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Luckily for us go check out Zeuxcg's YouTube channel. He has a demo testing the new particle light influence from future is bright with his custom lighting. Recently they patched it into studio too, so you can already use particle light influence! I think this is actually happening. ROBLOX would be dumb to not implement it, plus a dev said it's in the works, and it sure seems like it is. ################# ######## YouTube channel also has a video showing off the new lighting in a castle build. I recommend checking it out. Regardless, I really want a demo/experimental version of this on studio so I can make a cool SciFi scene with flashing lights lol.
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A d am M I ller's channel
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BIG support R$1

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