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If you're reorganizing the forums due to activity, then just remember that the reason the forums became inactive in the first place is because you brought this upon yourselves with an outsourced filter that couldn't contribute to a false sense of "safety" if it tried. The overwhelming majority of users in this forum for example left for Discord because we as a collective community were sick of being essentially not allowed to post about anything due to the filter downgrade. A common example would be player names being blocked because common names would be blocked to prevent people from revealing people's identities. This is extremely ironic because many people around the world have said common names, yet if I were to type out my own name that's not common anywhere on the Earth it would be allowed. How many times have I said "the" by the way? That used to be a censored word after you mangled the filter system into something that even Kim Jong-un would consider too oppressive to be allowed to exist on this earth. You may just be the premier example of everything wrong with censorship and why censorship as a whole is cancer.
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I swear this is sad
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im putting this in a pastebin This is my siggy. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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lol ;)

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