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#222405548Wednesday, July 26, 2017 6:07 PM GMT

VT @ BC Both teams not looking to good but I think one or both will make the playoffs cuz ACC trash and FBS is 2 OP but i think it will be a game of defence and looking at BCs defence it will take the Win BC 38 - 30 |BC PTW tayfws,10kChurro and softscopes | |VT PTW GodViZe, UchihaMontage and CatchingHD | UNC @ BU Both teams have really good teams but only 1 will win unless they tie I think BU pulling off this one because of skill i just feel like they will outclass UNC BU 45 - 36 |BU PTW all of them tbh | |VT PTW Voltess, KebowBG and Cyrical LOU @ UVA Probably a little close but not enought i dont think UVA can contest with Lat all really but i really have never seen them play LOU 40-24 |LOU PTW vTyler and D1sniped |VT PTW Lawrxn###############preme GT @ DU GT is a team that you really cant predict what they will do but im going to gamble and say they are one of the best in ACC (Not NCAA) and will sweep Duke GTU 35 - 28 |GT PTW barrysandersmos, EvanShifts and Kriptyc |DU PTW SoftiesHD,Jxrdee and Bailey KSU @ SU KSU is probably the most team with the fame SU is really just a team kind of roblox team that will achieve them wins but not today KSU will have a tight one though KSU 48-42 |KSU PTW I dont feel like typing all there names in cuz there a lot| |SU PTW s_and is a big one and WIll if he is a QB| UMass @ NCS UMass is not expected from me to do anything tbh and NCS has a decent team NCS 32 - 21 | NCS PTW BenLurkGang and SavageVN | | UMASS PTW IDK NEVER SEEN EM SORRY BUT WAIT FOR WEEK2 I CANT LIE| CLE @ SYR SYR has a nice roster and CLE isnt that intimidating but a decent team that probably will make the P/Os SYR is the better team SYR 30 - 18 | SYR PTW SupremSincear, Bbal and atatman| | CLE PTW lowkeyeggs and WisdomLAX| NU @ PITT -Not predicting my own game.( You will mop the floors for us for after we are done yall will be our slaves) |NU PTW whole entire team| | PITT PTW cawlin,WarEagle,Jordan WN and Koi WF @ ROBLOX U a cupcake team game that will goto ROBLOX U for obv reasons Roblox U win FF
#222416991Wednesday, July 26, 2017 8:12 PM GMT

add more depth these all were basically the same thing https://www.roblox.com/Trade/TradeWindow.aspx?TradePartnerID=19460067
#222417005Wednesday, July 26, 2017 8:13 PM GMT

Did you legit not put me as GT PTW... R$11
#222418626Wednesday, July 26, 2017 8:30 PM GMT

you have to be really good and its only a limit i like to keep it at 3 and Matt thanks but i dont want to waste my time typing cuz i was hungry when i made it so yea thats my excuse for that
#222611191Friday, July 28, 2017 2:34 AM GMT

The Pittsburgh one has me weak. Keep sleepin' on WN.

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