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#227882523Thursday, November 23, 2017 1:15 PM GMT

how about not getting a toaster
#227882674Thursday, November 23, 2017 1:23 PM GMT

4 gigs of ram? that could cause some problems with some roblox games
#227883372Thursday, November 23, 2017 1:54 PM GMT

"Drivers don't matter, buy a new graphics card and don't install the drivers, it will still work at its full potential but drivers just add optimization for games, and some technologies, yeah sure.. new drivers might give you a 5-10% boost that literally has no real effect." NONONONONONONONONONONONO No No no no no no no Ok, so what drivers do is basically address resources to your OS. Without drivers your graphics card does not function anywhere near its full potential. Windows will know that yes, you have a graphics card, and it has a certain amount of memory, but it doesnt know exactly how much or what speed its at or what busses it has to work with or anything else. "Generic VGA Drivers" are what you get, and usually they just give you enough video memory to power a display, you get 64mb of video memory to work with on modern Windows. Thats why when you have to do that it starts in 800x600, usually you cant even run a flash game or youtube videos on generic drivers. You will not get usable performance out of any GPU without the drivers installed. I mean come on now, you know this stuff. Also no, performance degradation isnt a thing. Silicon doesnt wear down over time. And there isnt any performance loss on a card thats maintained well, but solely due to thermals. A card thats had thermal problems and cant keep cool will throttle, gets too hot, clock speeds come down in order to keep the card cool. Thats where you will see a loss in performance, and that can happen if your cooling solution is damaged by heat, enough heat causing it to become slightly de-seated or ive actually seen heat pipes that slowly break off their solder in the heatsink and they cant transfer heat to the fins as well due to repeated heating and cooling over time. Thats not going to happen to a GT 730, even overclocked the things are low wattage and very cool, even the passive ones as long as they have even normal room airflow they'll be fine. If theres a serious heat issue they just shut down. Buying a used mining card, especially high wattage cards like 300w 280x's is a concern of serious heat damage. If that card has been pushed over 100c and then cooled, heated, cooled, its like ice in a sidewalk crack. Over time tiny bits of solder flux on the BGA solder used to connect the die to the PCB can expand and contract, and may eventually crack one of the solder connections. BGA failure. Only way to fix it is to reflow it by baking it basically. (This is also what caused the Xbox 360 red ring of death). Chances are that a lower wattage card is fine, a used 260x even if it was stated as a mining card is still a good card to buy, they had adequate cooling for the amount of heat they put out, so unless the previous owner had the thing running 24/7 full throttle in a closed box with no airflow it would be ok. But doing that would cause thermal throttling and they probably wouldnt want that because a slower GPU isnt going to mine as well. Anyway, back on topic: "4 gigs of ram? that could cause some problems with some roblox games" Absolutely not, 4gb of ram is fine for Roblox, Roblox uses an absolute max of like ### in the most complex games. Most are 300-400mb. 4gb of ram is fine for a web browser, the OS itself and Roblox all going at the same time.
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I also gotta ad related to dans and the 260x/270x ordeal. You gotta know your machine, this is an optiplex 755 we're talking about, presumably the SFF slim one. You got two low profile slots available. As far as i know there arent any low profile 260x's or 270x's. And there isnt a 6 pin available inside a 755, the PSU is 275w, it only has the mainboard 24 pin power, 4 pin cpu power, a single sata power connection, and micro floppy power. 275w is fine for up to a 75w card on the pcie x16 slot. Which is why with some of these people go with a q6600 and a 750ti, the total power cost is still fine for 275w. I wouldnt put anything that needs a 6 pin on 275w anyway, considering 150w of power for a card like that would take up over half of what your PSU had available. Another concern is physical space, not only is an R7 270x a BIG card, even the small ones wont fit. Its low profile, no full height card is going in there, and theyre still fairly long, it wont fit in the SFF. Theres about 20mm off the back of the slot before you would hit a capacitor. And even if you had the full tower one, the whole system is inverted. Meaning the PCIe x16 slot in the case is actually full height, but only one slot wide, because its at the top but upside down. And even that one you run into length restrictions too with the cooler air funnel. And finally, a 270x is beyond overkill for a 4000 series core2duo. Even the q6600 or other newer core2quad tbh, you'd just bottleneck the card. For the 755, the best option is either a GT 710, 720 or 730, anything much more powerful would be wasted without a CPU upgrade. Its cheap, it will run roblox just fine in that configuration with the current CPU. For OP thats probably the best choice they can go with, going with that newer Optiplex, the 7010, would just leave you with Intel HD Graphics 2500, which isnt going to fare that much better with Roblox, however that would give you better a better upgrade path in the future. With the 3rd gen i series stuff in there you could get a low profile 1050ti and be golden. (i presume its also the SFF variant) But then your 30$ "it will play roblox" upgrade turns into a 130$ "it will play roblox, titanfall 2 and witcher 3 maxed 1080p" upgrade. So it just depends on how much money you want to save up in order to get the GPU.
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sorry dude feel sorry for u cant help
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"studying I.T at the university" LOL YOU'RE SO DUMB LOLLLLLLLL are you 12 my dude? there's a university dedicated to technology-based studies in my area called "BCIT" or British Columbia Institute of Technology. ok now that we established that you're dumb, let me shoot down all your claims: and i got pics of my rig if u want to add me on disc with videos lol, it's ok to be jealous "I literally have over 30 graphics cards, including the GT 710, GT 730 and the GT 1030. I have spare time and I benchmarked, tested all of them." doubt it add me on disc: mr dans mr#9583 (spaces count) you won't, cuz it's a lie. and I wasn't hiding behind YouTubers, I just told you tom's hardware and ##### did this test and didn't find anything. fam you litteraly been just attacking me the whole time with no evidence. the only thing I can link is a YouTube vid: "omg it's a ltt video, cringe god!111"##############l has evidence and proof behind his video. and honestly, you have no idea what you're talking about. you're just pulling stuff out of your butt#########statistical facts, performance degradation does not exist for GPUs, only for things like storage devices. if you overvolt your GPU, then sure you will damage your GPU, but if you just overclock it with setting power limit only, nothing will happen at all. stop crying. i'll link you to two of the things i have in my system rn, cuz I don't want to get censored: /c968af8f7d04be6cb0105213a22159f7 /fe6a89723d65bd20dde6cc6da3363e48 i'd link more but roblox would know it's a link since that's a popular trick (tried to have more than 2 before) and that goes to gy#####tw pls tell me i'm lying about my hardware now. ;) ryzen 7 1700x (overclocked 4.0ghz) | gigabyte aorus xtreme 1080 sli (waterblock edition)| aorus k7 gaming motherboard | thermaltake RGB 1200W platinum | thermaltake core v71 tempered glass | custom watercooling loop from EKWB
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and only an idiot like you would think i'd pare a $150ish gpu with a $400 motherboard and a $300+ cpu (canadian prices) lol
#228056849Sunday, November 26, 2017 1:54 AM GMT

@red o didn't see ur response ok so, on modern gpus it's almost impossible to hit 100degress C, it will throttle hard before it ever reaches those temps no one is really running older gpus to mine (only idiots) and typically miners make sure their gpu has enough cooling before they mine. but let's say they're one of those "idiots" and they have a old blower-style or restricted-cooling gpu, sure the expanding and contract will be an issue overtime; it may cause stability issues or the gpu will just die out. but that's not the official definition of degradation for gpus. degradation = gpu gets slower overtime. there has been no proven case of that ever happening. ryzen 7 1700x (overclocked 4.0ghz) | gigabyte aorus xtreme 1080 sli (waterblock edition)| aorus k7 gaming motherboard | thermaltake RGB 1200W platinum | thermaltake core v71 tempered glass | custom watercooling loop from EKWB
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this thread is hilarious
#228417592Monday, December 04, 2017 5:09 AM GMT

how do i build a pc
#228417889Monday, December 04, 2017 5:22 AM GMT

@dark rick morty
#228423388Monday, December 04, 2017 11:58 AM GMT

Fun fact, it took me like a week to find this thread, I lost it and didn't really care since I thought the brag fest was over. Now my answer to panda: I understand what you are saying, but that's not the point that I was trying to tell you, I'm not from USA and my English isn't perfect, meaning that I can't express myself properly. I'm not saying "no drivers", I'm saying "later driver updates", it's hard to tell you but I'll try to explain the best I can, I'm not saying that there is no difference between having no drivers installed on your computer, but that having older drivers and updating them doesn't really give much of a boost to performance, now I already know what the reply will be and I know that newly released drivers are mostly for game optimizations. Sorry for my stupidity, and I already saw a mistake that I made when I wrote "new graphics card". Hopefully, you get my point. Now onto performance degradation, yes, that's exactly what I am saying, heat damage. But what I can tell you in protest is that GT 730s CAN run hot, well it depends on which card version you got, I have the Zotac and Asus passively cooled versions here, which are quite common, and when gaming on something THAT IS NOT ROBLOX, the card get's toasty, believe me or not it does, and if your case isn't properly vented it will get EVEN TOASTIER, when on high load, of course. And that's what happens, well as I said it takes time for that to happen, I could, of course, use a different name for it like "heat problems" or something but performance degradation is mostly used and I shall stick with it for now. I mostly agree with you though, what you are having is a wrong impression, thinking that I'm saying it's a huge deal and very common. I will add you to your dwiscord once I'm back home, currently on some 2013 "MXM gaming" craptop, and would like to see pictures of your computer, it's only my opinion though, but it seems a bit shady, I can't get dwiscord working here as I'm not allowed to install anything here, not even the BLOCK GAME since it's not exactly my computer. And I will send some pecs of my cards, but be disappointed I'm not holding any "high end" GPUs, mostly low-end AND cards, gt series and a 1050ti that I'll sell later on. Overvolting can't damage your GPU, well it depends, no one is dangerously overvolting their GPU to its limits for no reason. I don't wanna slide in your and Dan's argument right now only to be blasted with 2 more replies and requiring to write another essay, so instead, I'll just wait. Also now I'm using this pretty cool chrome extension called "Grammarly" that shows the mistakes in text you make and lets you correct them, it's also live, and it even marks the words you misspelled.

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