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Hello, everyone. I am in need of a quick and consistent scripter that can be a main guy throughout my project : Colorzone Roundup. The game sort of is a four-way capture the orb game, with an average of 32 players, so 8 on each team. Players will try to capture each orb from the other team, while defending their own base. There is a white ball in the middle worth double the amount of points. The sword is the main weapon, as I want to bring back sword fighting to the ROBLOX games page, and bring back variety of swords. Believe it or not, the game script is the easiest part of this project. As a former front-pager myself, what I realize is obviously you need a good game, but you need things to keep people coming, so I believe an attribute system, along with a PACKs system, including the inventory, and customization is going to be the toughest part of this project. That is why I need someone quick and consistent and someone I can work with. Obviously, there is pay. I can provide that information in ROBLOX messaging, or dixc#############'t drive you all away, but it is a good price, I promise you that. jonnyboyballa#8644 or PM me
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d-d-d-d-d--d-d-d-d-dab on them h8rs #code print("don't forget to dry the towel after use")
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jonathan remember me

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