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#228417896Monday, December 04, 2017 5:22 AM GMT

V E R S I O N 1.5 --------------------------- Conscript > Ensign: Basic Obby, Basic Training Ensign > Private: Verified Communications Software (Disc) Private > Corporal: Limited slots, only a certain number of corporals with highest contributions will be admitted [COMBAT TEST REQUIRED TO BE INDUCTED INTO SPECIAL FORCES PROMOTION TREE] Corporal > Sergeant: One Week in Grade, Application for NCO Academy + Phase One NCO Academy Completion Sergeant > Staff Sergeant: One Week in Grade + NCO Academy Phase Two Staff Sergeant > First Sergeant: One week in Grade, NCO Academy Phase Three First Sergeant > Master Sergeant: Two Weeks in Grade, NCO Gauntlet Master Sergeant > Lieutenant : Officer Gauntlet 2nd Lieutenant > 1st Lieutenant: Full OCS (ALL Five PHASES) 1st Lieutenant > Captain: Two Weeks in Grade, HIGHCOM interview Captain > Major: Two Weeks in Grade, Gauntlet V2 + HIGHCOM Board Interview Major > Lieutenant Colonel: Two Weeks in Grade, Voted in by 3/4 of Colonels+ Lieutenant Colonel > Colonel: Two Weeks in Grade, Voted in by 3/4 of Brigadiers+ Colonel > Brigadier: Two Weeks in Grade, Passes Flag Officer Test Brigadier > Major General Two Weeks in grade, Passes Generalship Test Major General > General / FM: Chosen by the Supreme Leader One Deemed Worthy > Supreme Leader: Alaskan passes on the flame of our legacy --------------------------- This system can be subject to change if the Council of Guardians and Inner Circle deems it so.
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#### your threads bro Confidence is silent. Insecurity is loud.
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Gotcha man
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glory to ejip.
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i have cancer

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