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--Disclaimer-- I am not saying that this will make you the most popular YouTube user of all time, nor am I promising that you will make a great movie, but I do promise this can help you! Also, please, no critisism on my reviews of software. (Also, this is an edited reupload of a post from late 2009.) Chapter 1: --Introduction-- If you want to make a ROBLOX movie, you've probably been inspired. Maybe it was one of Flesk's ROBLOX Bloopers, or some kind of epic movie. Maybe one of Telamon's videos for promoting ROBLOX. Whatever your reason may be, now you want to make your own video. It's not as simple as just recording and uploading; no. But with this guide's help, you'll be on your way to making a great movie/video! Chapter 2: --Taking Your First Steps-- The first step to making a video is planning. You'll need to think of a good idea. Some you may consider are blooper videos (Although this should be a last resort, as they are overused), adventure movies, action movies, or even sci-fi battles! I'll warn you, though; don't get too confident. It's very easy to dream up a huge thirty minute thriller. Try not to do this. Start with short films, and as you get better, make longer ones. If you get a good idea, make sure you remember it! Write it down if you don't think you'll remember it. Then, type up a summary of it in Microsoft Word/Notepad (or equivalent program depending on your operating system). Review it and make corrections. Chapter 3: --Preparation-- For your movie to succeed, you need to have a good plot. Everything needs to make sense. Many movies fail because of the story being inconsistent, so make sure your movie doesn't end up a jumbled mess! Once you have your story worked out, it's time to type your script. No, we're not going to program a movie. We ARE, however, going to create something similar to a program; the script. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before we make the script, we might need a cast. [WARNING: Many movies are never made because of a bad cast! If you're going to have a movie with other players as actors, have auditions. Try to pick your friends, instead of complete strangers. Also, try to include serious players, instead of players that try to be 'funny'. Many movies are never made simply because the actors were too busy making up their own lines and trying to be a comedian.] You've got your cast ready! Let's type up that script! When creating diologue and the script itself, make sure you glance at the story to make sure it's canon with your original ideas. This is an excellent chance to correct mistakes or holes in the plot of your story, however, if you must. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 4 --Practice Makes Perfect-- Congratulations if you've gotten this far. Let me tell you now before you fall asleep from boredom and never try making movies ever again that you've gotten past the most boring steps. Now we're onto the good stuff you've been waiting for. The next step to making your masterpiece is practicing. You need to make sure your actors know what they're doing. Talking isn't everything; they also need to know where to move and when to die (if needed). I recommend you schedule a large, friends only practice session for about an hour just to make sure you all know what to do. [TIP!:Don't forget Person299's admin commands in case someone's acting out of line or someone needs to leave, which can be found by a quick free model search.] [TIP!: For the script itself, you can simply get everyone to copy and paste it into some kind of text editor, then print it out. Then, they'll be able to easily read it while you record!] [TIP!:Make sure you send the script to ALL the cast members; your the director, you need to make sure they know there lines just as well as you do] [TIP!:Also if your cast members make mistakes be patient they will learn. Don't go on a rampage calling them "Noobs"] Chapter 5 --Sightseeing-- So, let's see; You've imagined your story. You've created your script. You've even rehearsed with your whole cast! What next? Check over all your work, because it's time to film. If you want to film, you have many options. Read the chart below to compare them all: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------Free Catagory----------------------------------------- Recording the screen: Ridiculously low quality unless you have a very high quality camera, capture rate is almost always bad and effects are 99.9% impossible. What idiot even does this? Well, you can capture your whole desktop, and more. Using WeGame: Decent quality, produces a small video file but can crash and sometimes record the wrong things. It's still a good choice, however. Using Camstudio: Decent quality but a bit slower than WeGame, can be used to record the whole desktop but effects are difficult to use. There are some good addons, though. [TIP!: Download the free Lossless codec for Camstudio to get even better quality, although the size of the file will become much larger.] Winners: Camstudio, WeGame -- Big Loser: Recording Screen --------------------------Commercial/Demo Catagory-------------------------------- Using FRAPS: Unsurpassed Quality, VERY big file, Not laggy, but does drop FPS [Frames per second] down by a lot, although you don't see it, has some recording bugs, such as recording invisible light objects [PATCHED!]. The demo also only records for 30 seconds, although this can be used to your advantage. Using Camtasia: Honestly, I've never used this, but I'm sure it's good for desktop recording. Using Hypercam 2: VERY LOW QUALITY, records in 8-bit color! Ridiculously slow capture speeds makes effects hard to do. Not even worth buying, as all you remove is a small box in the top corner of your screen, which you could GET RID OF. Version 3 isn't much better but I'm not going to review it. Winner: FRAPS -- Big Loser: Hypercam 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So there you have it, either use FRAPS, WeGame or Camstudio. So now that you have your 'camera', go ahead and record all your scenes! It's fine if you mess up; go ahead and re-record that part. You can even re-record a small scene and just edit out the mistake, then mash them both together. Chapter 6 --What do I use, Raprockredis365563-- [WARNING: This is a somewhat useless chapter unless you want effects. You can just skip it if you want no effects/titles whatsoever.] You've finished recording your masterpiece, but now you need to edit it. Here is another chart comparing popular editing software: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Movie Maker (Vista): Basic effects and titles, can freeze or crash, supports HD video importing and exporting, fine for beginners but even with plugins it's pretty much useless for visual effects. Windows Movie Maker (XP): Essentially the same thing as Vista, but a bit slower and supports slightly less features. [TIP!: If you MUST use WMM, get the free chroma keying plugin which allows you to add footage on top of footage!] Windows Live Movie Maker: Basic Effects and Titles, AutoMovie feature, supports HD video importing and exporting, NO TIMELINE, horrible for ROBLOX movies, and plugins generally don't work. Windows DVD Maker: Not a video editor, but has some great premade DVD menus for your DVD's. Not present on all computers, however. Sony Vegas: A good editor for music videos, which I will discuss in my next guide for editing, not so much for actual effects, however. It manages, but it's child's play in comparison to... Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4: About as expensive as Vegas, it's the ultimate visual effects package. There are thousands of tutorials online, and has dozens of built-in effects such as Advanced Lightning, CC Particle World, and CC Vector Blur. These will be discussed in my upcoming guide for editing. Adobe After Effects CS5: More expensive than AE CS3 or CS4, it's 64-bit exclusive and faster but lacks many plugins that are very useful. Do not use until more plugins are made for it. Premiere/Premiere Elements: Overall great products. Elements is a bit slow but has a great user-friendly interface. Both are also great for sound editing to a point. (TIP: ALWAYS add a flashy or interesting intro. It captures the audience's attention and makes your movie look more professional.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You've finished your movie, so now it's time to export it. You can export it in any format and resolution you want; it doesn't matter. Just make sure that it's not too big or uploading it to a website like YouTube could take 12+ hours! Chapter 7 --YouTube and Other Sharing Sites-- Your film is done; now it's time to upload. First, you should get an account on a video sharing site. Recommended sites include YouTube and Google Video. Try to advertise your film in the ROBLOXiwood section with a good title and description. Try to get a good reputation, and avoid needless spam by posting links to your videos everywhere. Nobody likes a seemingly hopeless foolish spammer. Chapter 8 --Quick Tips-- This Chapter is a quick note on how to keep it simple and can give u more views (1.) Make sure you keep it rated PG so the viewers won't have nightmares; or see anything thats to mature for them. (2.) Introductions are great but make sure there not to long, again wanna make something that POP'S and get the viewer attention. [Such as FLASHY images] (3.) Here are video sharing Websites: Youtube, Metacafe, Break, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Revver, vidiLife, Stickam ~~Will Update Every Month or so~~ Good luck and have fun filming! --Raprockredis365563
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Thanks for taking the time to write this! I've been looking into video making for years and have really not done anything past the recording, and I might actually make it this time. I remember the day I met Fleskjherta in Telamon's Halo New Grounds.. he was the one who inspired me. "How do you record your videos, Flesk?" "Snagit 9, I g2g" That was a good day for me. =)
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XD I Didn't Write This Unfourtunitly I Forgot To Give Credit. I Just Updated snd Reposted. Thanks Though
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SethiXzon Made It.
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Thank you SO MUCH for these tips!
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What about for music videos?
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Hi thx for giving credit to the rightful owner and sharing this with everyone But how do you add your own voice to it to the movie i use windows movie maker

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