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2016, scientists have created mutant, undead zombies...soon...the infection/asylum has infected from towns, to cities, to countries...and states... Characters: Dan- A fearless soldier that served in the US Army Rangers ever since. Him and the rangers have found out that the infection broke out. They escaped Outpost-3-2-Bravo. Him and the rangers have a loong way to go. Pvt.Olive- Another soldier that is terrified, yet determined to end this asylum one and for all. He is in Dan's fireteam. Sammy- A girl that has been terrified of the asylum too. But she knows she has hope, as she thinks this over...she gets scared... Cpl.Abraham- A brave, fearless soldier. Who has known this would happen already. He is Dan's friend and is brave enough to face a zombie without a gun. PFC.Dark- A man that HAS mastered the ways of the gun. He is a bit worried humanity will end... (dies in part 3) Ghost (me)- A Lietunent that can take down any problem...he always uses a shotgun, and is sure we will win this undead war. Okay, now, 5 people by filming day, please?
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I'll be the PFC. Oh sorry, my main Account will FR you.
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