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im reenacting the edge chronicles (the book series) as a roblox movie we are doing 'Beyond the Deepwoods' first and seeing how it goes, if its good, we will do 'Stormchaser' and 'Midnight over Sanctaphrax' we may not use many of the people who sign up because of my siblings, but here are the spots, i doubled some up to reduce the amount of people who have barely any part: Spelda & Tuntum: Taghair: Woodtrolls (5): Gristle & Mag: Slaughterers (5): Gyle Goblins (5): Grossmother & The Banderbear: Termagent Trogs (4): Cloud Wolf: Tem Barkwater: Stope Boltjaw: Stone Pilot: Slyvo Speethe: Spiker: MugButt: Gloamgloazer: i may double up more like some early ones with some later ones. if you are one of the first 8 to sign up for some of the multiple ones, tell me what pirate you want to be. YOU CANNOT SIGN UP FOR CLOUD WOLF TO MUGBUTT IF YOU DONT SIGN UP FOR EITHER WOODTROLL, SLAUGHTERER, OR TERMAGENT TROG. do not ruin the book for people who arent done by talking about it here if you haven't read the book, you can still sign up, heres some background info on the characters. Twig: a human living with the woodtrolls, main character (ME) Spelda: Twig's adopted mother, shes a woodtroll Tuntum: Twig's adopted dad, hes a woodtroll Taghair: the woodtroll elder (small role) Woodtrolls: a race of creatures living in the deep woods of the edge Slaughterers: a race of creatures living in the deep woods, wrongly labeled as barbaric Gristle: a slaughterer that has strayed from the path and is swelling because of a venomous bite Gloamglozer: A mythical evil creature that appears when someone curses "Oh Gloamglozer" Cloud Wolf: The captain sky pirate The Rest: Sky pirates
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*and the thread mysteriously rises to the top of the list*
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idk if ur still doing this project, but id like to be spiker

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