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#167895238Friday, July 17, 2015 8:13 PM GMT

Note: I know I'm sLATE. This is just a formal letter to ROBLOX. Dear ROBLOX, One day, I create an alternate account. When I create it, I go to my character customization, and I see my worst nightmare: I'm wearing the 3.0 package. I was like: WTF ROBLOX, what monster did you create!? An ODer with hobo spaghetti hair? I don't even know what it is. But ROBLOX, I want to know how you came up with this. Admin: Hey, ROBLOX! ROBLOX: What? Admin: Everybody is loving our ODer package! ROBLOX: That's great! But what about it? Admin: We should make it the default package! ROBLOX: OMG, BEST. IDEA. EVER. Yeah, replace BEST with WORST. I don't know why ROBLOX would do this, but they can totally read everyone's minds and make the default package their worst nightmare. If I got a nickel everytime someone complained about this update, I would be able to afford LIFETIME OBC. ROBLOX can't just ruined our nostalgism by creating this monster. It's like they created a frankenstein! Also, don't get me started on the new default face. Hey ROBLOX! Remember the epic 1.0 default avatar that everyone remembered? Well guess what? YOU. RUINED. IT. Heck, I'd rather have 2.0 as the default package. You know what else you did? You made both 3.0 packages FREE. Now excuse my language, but this pissed everyone off. I bought the 3.0 package for 25 robux! He did, she did, they did, WE ALL DID! So ROBLOX, why didn't you give a refund to those who bought it? Well, it looks like you were too lazy. That is all I have to say, I hope you support this. just your average noobling OTer
#167896789Friday, July 17, 2015 8:31 PM GMT

#167896919Friday, July 17, 2015 8:33 PM GMT

I cry inside every time I see a bacon haired noob with a 3.0 morph. Remember the simpler times when noobs just had roblox hats and 1.0? Yeah. Best times. 1.0 and 2.0 are ok, but 3.0 is hideous, as well as unrealistic. Nobody looks like that irl. WHy is it on this game. WHy. 1.0 and 2.0 are cute, fun gaming bodies, but 3.0 is Bacon Hair Oder Noob Catastrophe x10000. 3.0 promotes Oding. almost all 3.0's I know try to OD. Bacon hair is atrocious. Ew. The morph is ugly, weird, and should not be here. Its not cute. its not fun. 100% support. Its a trash morph and lots of ppl agree.
#167897061Friday, July 17, 2015 8:34 PM GMT

Support. No one likes hobo bacon dreadlocks.
#167897361Friday, July 17, 2015 8:37 PM GMT

Support. They should remake 3.0 and make it not ODer-like.
#168001171Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:28 PM GMT

#168001270Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:29 PM GMT

Support. Do default noob from 2009 Being a noob since 2009!
#168001341Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:30 PM GMT

Support. Roblox has "blox" in it for a reason. Blocks.
#168001418Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:31 PM GMT

The old one was better, I don't like the half dead homeless squid hair.
#168001930Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:37 PM GMT

@starpower903 "Nobody looks like that irl" That... Doesn't really make any sense considering that Roblox is a game, and nobody looks like they do in real life... But to OP, I do support.
#168002271Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:41 PM GMT

I loved the times of 3.0 and r hat. COME BACK!!! My alt shouldn't have to suffer 3.0
#168002411Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:42 PM GMT

Wait, 3.0 is the default package now..?
#168002524Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:44 PM GMT

I hate the 3.0, the Bacon mess is bad enough but the shape of it makes me wanna barf. When I first saw the 3.0, I thought it was a stupid little package that you would wear as a joke. But when I started seeing 1,2,3, 12, 64, 7 million, I wanted to go to a loney game with no one in it and just stand there in a corner. I SUPPORT!
#168002685Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:45 PM GMT

"An ODer with hobo spaghetti hair"
#168016917Saturday, July 18, 2015 11:06 PM GMT

"An ODer with hobo spaghetti hair?" Woah, nice name for a pal hair!
#168018280Saturday, July 18, 2015 11:20 PM GMT

support it looks absolutely ret‪‪arded it doesn't look close to realistic however 2.0 is realistic because walk to a mirror look at your torso irl compare it with the robloxian 2.0 //cpmody\\ i am a windows operating system confirmed //
#168037994Sunday, July 19, 2015 2:58 AM GMT

The package doesn't bother me as much as the hair and face do, those things are... I don't know what to say. Atleast guests aren't 3.0 [DON'T YOU DARE MAKE GUESTS 3.0 ROBLOX!] Oh and Frankenstein was the scientist not the monster. :3
#168041799Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:40 AM GMT

I hate the new 3.0 look. It's ugly, and its new symbol of ugly. I liked the old, simpler "noob" look, with 1.0, and random color torso. Now everyone has to look like ODing garbage. I SUPPORT!!! At least make them 2.0? 2.0 is tolerable.
#168042237Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:44 AM GMT

support the second one
#168086368Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:08 PM GMT

#168086433Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:09 PM GMT

Support But its WNTS :(
#168086612Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:11 PM GMT

Sorry its a WNTS
#168086721Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:13 PM GMT

But I look good Q~Q
#168088550Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:36 PM GMT

To long; didn't read
#168088607Sunday, July 19, 2015 4:36 PM GMT

I am doing security training at 12:00 Central time on the 19 of July!!! Go to methanshacked's profile and play The space project to train!!!!!

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