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GAR is around 3 years old. It has been under different leaderships through its life. By far, CaptainZane01 has made GAR better than the previous owner(s). But there are multiple problems. Here, we will explain these problems and how to fix them in excellent ways that will make GAR great! Legions- Currently, the group has over 20 allies most which are divisions. Many of these divisions are what will cause the down fall of the group. Too many legions is not a good idea. The solution? The Vice Chancellor and the Marshal Commanders have come together to fix this. The legions we will have will be the 501st Attack Battallion, the 212th Attack Battallion, the 327th Star Corps, the 104th Legion, the Coruscant Guard, Republic Commandos, and Advanced Recon Commandos. The current Legion Cap is 100 members. It is a proven fact that it would be nearly impossible to complete this task. It has been agreed that the legion cap would be lowered to 50. If a legion reaches the limit, a new legion would be added. Preferably 41st. If a different legion reaches the limit , then we can add another legion. This will ensure constant growth and stability of the group. We will have a set of "Non-Military Divisions". These are divisions of the republic that have members that are not Clones or are apart of the Clone Army. This includes the Senate Guard, The Red Guard, Republic Intellegence, and Coruscant Security Force. Please note that Shadow Troopers are apart of RI and are a Clone Unit of it. These are divisions that will work in the public areas of GAR maps. Overseer Program- The Overseer program is an excellent plan where are beloved Marshal Commanders become legionless and overseer a handful of divisions. These men are not allowed to be in divisions. These 3 men would be AlexeiTarkov, OmegaXYZ645, and AlexanderHawke. AlexieTarkov will overseer RC And ARC. OmegaXYZ645 will Overseer 501st, 212th and 327th. And AlexanderHawke will overseer Officer Academy(See related Section),104th and CG. They are tasked to ensure that each legion is meeting the expectations. If they currently lead a division, they must leave the legion and leave it in Command of a person they trust. As a reward for their services, they will receive Iconic Clone armors that will have them notified as Marshal Commanders. The Marshal Commander limit is 3. Officer Academy- Officer Academy is an excellent way to get great leaders. When a GAR member reaches the rank of Sergeant Major, they can join the OA group. If accepted by the director (AlexanderHawke) they will be in the Waiting Admittance rank where they receive an interview. They can only be interviewed by the Director. If the Direct passes then, they will go into Phase 1 (Knowledge) where they will be tested on thier knowledge of GAR. They will then go to Phase 2 (Leadership) Where their leadership is tested. Phase 3 will be the Physical stage. Skill Testing and ability will be tested here. And the final Phase, Phase 4 will be the final test. Any officer can apply for an OA trainer Position but can only be accepted by the Director. Reforms will happen to get rid of incapable and inactive Officers. GAR will have a great chain of Command. To rank up to Captain+ you must receive a certain amount of points. These points will be maintained by the OA Director. To rank up to Captain you must recieve 40 points to rank up to Commander, you must earn 100 points. You can earn points by hosting events. (Patrols do not count) Commanders- Upon removal of the unstated divisions, we will insure a great chain of Command. Officers will be reformed and so will Commanders. It has been requested that a legion that is being removed in this plan (442nd) has its members merged into the 501st. The 442nd Commander will become Rex, taking the place of the currently inactive Rex. Any inactive Commander of the Legions stated in this plan will have 2 weeks to bring up thier activity after this plan becomes in effect. Any Non-Military Division Commanders will be tested by the Vice Chancellor and the Supreme Chancellor. Maps- Maps are a major part in making a group appealing. People love good maps to patrol on. If a map gets too small, it becomes hard for a group to patrol, If the map is too big, it makes the group harder to patrol. Landmarks should be easily accessible to maintain enjoyment of the map. If the landmarks are hidden or hard to find, then is reduces the fun. Big maps make the game more laggy. Bigger is not always better. Quality is preferred over size. We need to stay on the quality side of things when we are making maps. Morphs- Morphs are another key role in making a group appealing. A leader should listen to his members when a lot of them are asking for change. He may like the morphs but a majority of his members may not. This can cause the group to be less appealing. Keeping the morphs people don't want won't make them like the group more, but will make them be more independent from the group because thier voice isn't being heard. GAR needs new Phase 1 morphs. This is a guide to a better GAR. These ideas were created by the members of GAR and have been verified by Vice Chancellor TsadDroten and Marshal Commanders AlexeiTarkov, OmegaXYZ645, and AlexanderHawke. We want to make GAR a better place and these are the first steps to get there!
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Well said, Tsad. Well said.
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Wrong forum bro. sincerely, roblox soldier (RAP: 7)
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This is great. I am hyped!

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