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#218104680Sunday, June 04, 2017 12:51 AM GMT

Now im sure im going to get multiple little kids arguing about how my opinion doesn't matter, or roblox is just trying to get their footing, I DONT CARE. For me, the golden age of roblox was right when I joined, 2013ish. Once 2015 rolled around, we began to get seemingly useless or unnecessary updates by the ROBLOX staff. A good example is how many times the join date for users was added and removed... They did it like 10 times! Oh, and you think ROBLOX, kids game, great place to make friends right? Oh wait! There's a friends limit! Is there an easy way to make robux without spending real money? Not anymore! One of the main things that really aggravated me and contributed to me typing this was the removal of Personal Servers. I really liked these because I could get my friends together and we'd go and build a town, then roleplay and have natural disasters hit the town and such. Then came smooth terrain. You couldn't build a house without the bottom block being part grass (or whatever material was on the ground next to the base). Then, if it couldn't get any worse, they removed personal servers all together. Why? Just because not a lot of people play them doesn't mean you should remove them. Now how did this contribute to me writing this? Well the idea of another PB server popped in my head, so I went on the forums and found a thread from a long time ago requesting PB servers be added again. I went to link my friends and told them to support the threat so that maybe the mods could see it. I send the link, and it filters. It filtered a ROBLOX LINK! Yes, random links should be filtered, it makes sense, but now the security system is just way too over protective. Sometimes if I just say any number in chat its filtered. Earlier I told one of my friends "Ill be on vacation soon" and it was filtered. What's wrong with that sentence? I can't think of all the things ROBLOX has done since Erik Cassel passed away. It really breaks my heart to witness such a great website go downhill. Every update something changes for no apparent reason, or some great feature is removed. Problems that need to be addressed: Personal Servers Last seen dates Chat filters Published Places Website Layout New ways to make robux without paying ROBLOX money. Moderation History And more (I'll let you guys come up with some, I'm tired of thinking) Please add anything you'd like to see changed below, and or offer your support to this post. This needs to be seen. We need to protest. If we can get seen, we can make a difference. It's time we actually make a difference.
#218104890Sunday, June 04, 2017 12:54 AM GMT

They literally don't care. They are a big successful company now, they don't need our help. They only listen to DevMembers. Come on, I dare ya to criticize me for expressing my opinion :)
#218118817Sunday, June 04, 2017 3:58 AM GMT

@Veroax Yeah I know. Like I said, it's all money to them now. That's why im trying to start something. If enough people come together with this we can get seen and we can get this changed.
#218118939Sunday, June 04, 2017 4:00 AM GMT

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#218118978Sunday, June 04, 2017 4:00 AM GMT

"Like I said, it's all money to them now." They have to be super greedy because roblox has over 400 million players. They need a ton of money to keep the servers running and such. Come on, criticize me for expressing my opinion. I know you want to. :)
#218118995Sunday, June 04, 2017 4:01 AM GMT

tl;dr random normal rant about roblox and how terrible it is grr!!!!!!!!!!! protest for renaming robux to virtual lego money! put this in your siggy if you support

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