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#222527566Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:47 PM GMT

A few months ago, I learned that logging into the web version of ROBLOX on the iPhone 4S would allow me to access all of the Avatar Editing options computer users had. I can't do this anymore. Now all it says is, "You can edit your avatar in the mobile app". The mobile avatar editor is limited, so this was disappointing. The mobile Avatar Editor can be altered to make it just as advanced as the web version. Mobile players would appreciate it if they had access to the old color palette and separate body part colors, easy access to T-shirts, and the ability to change head size. The old color palette and separate body part colors would be located in the skin color section of the Avatar Editor (hidden inside an "Advanced" button like the web version). T-shirts would have its own section in the clothes area (where all of the Shirts, Face Accessories, and Gear is located). And in the body scaling area, the head would have its own scaling bar (just like overall height and width have). I've never programmed a game in my life, let alone ever made a web page, but I feel like this change would be a very simple and easy for the ROBLOX staff to carry out. It would allow mobile users to be more creative with what they do with their avatars. If you have any other suggestions for the mobile Avatar Editor or you want to add on to what I have already said, then post below!
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I see there are ## ###### That's about nothing. Maybe if I bump this people will reply to it. Maybe
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I agree
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TL DR Okay so Roblox censored my last signature

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