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'm not here to hate on anyone who doesn't support LGBT, nor will I say that LGBT people are dominate towards straight people, because they aren't. Everyone reading this, no matter if you're straight, LGBT, a child or an adult, we all matter in this world. I've been adventuring through the internet, and found people who protest against LGBT, and provide evidence that apparently, LGBT is a mental disorder. I'd like to prove that statement wrong with a fact. Get a CT and MRI of an LGBT person. Get blood test, do a neuroexam, do anything you possibly can with a person in the LGBT community. Look at the MRI and Head CT. Do you see any infection, disease, tumor, anything that can be considered a problem towards the human brain? In fact, get a CT of every healthy LGBT person existing on the surface of the Earth. You'll notice that there's nothing there. Saying that LGBT people have a mental disorder is saying that #Black Lives Matter supporters have a brain tumor. I came here to tell you THIS! I want to spread the love. There are people on the internet that are saying horrible things, which I often stay away from. But for whoever is still here, I want to spread the love. If you see an LGBT person, pat them on the back and say that you support them. Give a gift to a patient with cancer, salute to a solider fighting for your country. I'm done with being mad with whoever protests, because they aren't going to stop. I am not going to spread hate for what you believe in. I would hate it if someone told me to back off for what I believed in, so I'm not going to do that to you. But, there's a difference from stating what you believe in, and spreading hatred through the things that you are saying. I have learned from all the years that I have been on the internet, which is not that many years, is that hatred and protesting won't get you anywhere. In fact, it will just enrage people for what you are saying. Look on the internet for a person protesting about LGBT or Black Lives Matter. Look at the comments. People state their opinion, and people are terrified, angry, horrified and disgusted. Spreading hate will spread more hate around the world, and will make this world a horrible place to live in. "Dear fat people." was a video posting by someone, stating that fat people are horrible! And this video is one of the most hated videos on YouTube. Mostly because, you took the time out of your life to insult people for problems in their life. I have friends that were hurt and punished so badly, so they resulted in food, and they gained some weight. I struggle with my weight, I actually look like a twig in fact! But, spreading the hate will only bring us apart, and separate friendship with each other. I had friends that didn't support who I was. I want to end this long forum with a positive quote. "Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don't like them." - Stacy London. I'm going to leave the comment section open for anyone who wants to state their opinion, but what I would enjoy seeing, is love. So comment below what you can do to spread the love. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who said anything mean, or protested, because you made me realize what I have been not understanding is... they want people to be enraged and to be mad. So prove them wrong by saying something positive, and caring about them or someone else. Don't let hatred define what your life revolves around. Let passion define the next thing you say to someone, let compassion be your biggest goal for this year. Thank you, and have a fabulous day.
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the one they didn't make
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Clint Eastwood or All Alone. There new song is pretty great.
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idk, most on demon days and self titled i like

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