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#212434949Monday, March 20, 2017 11:47 PM GMT

TEAM OWNERS INFORMATION: The application for team owners will be released Wednesday, March 22. Note that I will not be taking any owners that can't organize nor be active for the team. We need owners who are committed to the job, who can set a standard and a example for their players. Im not taking any slackers. This season will be a little more strict with the rules, and it will be a little bit more challenging to be accepted as any type of staff member, because we want this group to be organized with efficient staff members. Im pretty sure there will be 10 teams, 5 in each conference. If not, I will update this letter so it can be confirmed. NFMBA-NCAA: Well, NCAAs original startup date was March 20th, But we decided ## a board to push it further.r. It will be starting after s4 MAYBE during s5. This decision was confirmed by Dope, as well as myself. The reason we have pushed it further was to gain more members for NFMBA and have enough players for the NCAA. So that NCAA doesn't fall apart so quickly and so early. We will be extending our board as we get closer to the NCAA, so half and half can focus on both leagues. REFEREE AND STAFF DEPARTMENT: We will now be starting up a Referee and Staff department. This will organize who gets accepted as a member of the NFMBA officiating and staff. It will be a little bit more difficult to be accepted to both of these jobs, because we want the most committed and equipped people for these roles. Yes, arguments will occur, yes the refs might call something you don't like, yes some of the board members will be demanding. Sometimes we just have to deal with it, but this will erase some of the controversy from the past seasons. (We will be hiring somebody to be the head of these 2 departments) MEDIA AND COMMENTATING: Theres not too much information on this topic yet, But I know it might be ran by LukeSkyWalkerSWJ. However, if it ends up being approved, We will be in need of commentators and recorders for the games to make and mix highlights. (Talk to Luke about that though). Thats all we have as of ##ght now, more will be put in here very very soon. I also wanna congratulate our ## cha##s, The Washington Wizards.s. From what I heard you guys had an outstanding season. Thank you guys for your time! Lets push forward. NFMBA Commissioner, 99BlackPanther.
#212436727Tuesday, March 21, 2017 12:18 AM GMT

media is being ran by me fym
#212439654Tuesday, March 21, 2017 1:05 AM GMT

I can record all game btw
#212462679Tuesday, March 21, 2017 10:16 AM GMT

this season I will be more of a stat taker than a ref.. unless there's no refs at any game of course

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