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#221234945Thursday, July 13, 2017 8:17 PM GMT

I don’t often find myself browsing the forums anymore, however due to a recent Roblox security update I feel like the purpose it serves is being missed by most of the veteran player base. This update exists due to bots scanning playlists and scamming users. I’m certain you’ve received such a message before, but new users are especially vulnerable to this epidemic. Tell me, how many of you tried to google methods for free currency when you first tried out roblox? How many of you attempted to get free items in any massive online game and ended up damaging your computer or losing your account as a result? The messages are sly, they give you a scenario you want to believe causing you to be inclined to follow it’s instructions. Maybe you wouldn’t fall for them now because you’ve encountered such messages before, but new and returning players might not know, or might not to think to limit their PM access to friends and followers. It’s honestly sad that the people who feel the need to deceive other users ruin the experience for the entire community, but I’m honestly glad the Roblox staff is taking steps to mitigate the effects of this issue. This being said, I don’t believe that disabling most servers is the best solution-- but I also feel that it doesn’t deserve the current reaction it’s getting. Petitions bashing on this step forward without giving any fair criticism or alternatives to stop the scamming issue. Keep in mind, it’s hard to moderate everything being sent, and bots are being made smarter just as fast as online security becomes tighter, there is no one solution. In my opinion, I feel like these might be some solutions. If you can’t stop bots entirely, at least make it difficult. Heuristics: Along with text filtering, maybe there could be a system that heuristically analysis PMs being sent. If the Roblox servers see a large amount of similar looking messages being sent by multiple account, they could temporarily disable them under suspicion of scamming. It would be incredibly difficult to make something that works this way, but it can be done ; v ; ReCaptcha: Captcha is a generally a good way to mitigate bots, but it can be fooled. Maybe every 3 messages sent in a day could be subject to a captcha to, if not stop, at least slow them down. Name scans: Bots usually have a randomly generated names. Sometimes it’s a single name with randomly generated characters at the end. If Roblox sees an absurd amount of accounts being generated from the same location, maybe it could ban that area from making alts, or halt all new accounts finishing a similar name pattern. Either way, I hope there are better ways to handle bots in the future, and I’m glad the issue is being recognized ; o ;
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the criticism it's getting is there because it'll deal a huge blow to war clans and it'll make joining small servers with friends a lot more difficult than it already is. that being said, yes it's good that they're finally addressing the bots, but this is not the way to do it at all.
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If people wanted to find their friends, they'd just get R+ Because I'm a sick guy
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@PsychoPatriot There's always going to be drawbacks to any solution. It's a huge inconvenience to some players, but it's better than instances where you lose your account because of a malicious user. I'm not saying the current solution is the best, but I don't see many people saying anything much more than "This update is bad ROBLOX FIXXXX" ;c @dabritishboy111 Uh, what? That's not even why this update exists, and not every user knows of Roblox +. A good portion of players here are casual and sometimes even have actual lives.
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there's plenty of people posting suggestions on how to fix it, captcha, requirements, etc roblox's way of dealing with bots is just removing features as they have in the past and bots as always find a way around it.
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I cannot recall 7 years ago personally, but to steal the answers from another user, Qyme's - accounts must require an email verification to sign up - accounts must be 1 month old to message anyone - accounts must have 1 hour of total playtime to communicate - add captcha on sign up < THIS IS SO SIMPLE Source: https://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=221234435 Specifically with the last point, "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" as a method. ------------------------------------------ On a personal level as an admin for a 100k+ group, when I need to find a specific server for any issues, I must be able to clearly find the server without issue, maybe have it as an option. Not forced in. InceptionTime did publicly comment on the issue but I personally found his response not to my standard. It felt a bit under thought and without much public feedback, I am aware that requesting a feature to be removed is not accepted but I feel that it's worth voicing.
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Petro I think I know you from MML I don't like where my signature is heading.
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@railworks Yeah, I'm still hoping for a push for more conventional means of stopping bots. Those ideas in that thread sound nice ; v ;

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