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brought to you by yours truly the goat's at their respective positions, cawIin & oohdime ---------------------------- Virginia Tech @ Boston College - Both teams went through MAJOR (and by major I mean completely major, it's like watching Patriots win five SB's then turning around for 5 seconds and all of a sudden you're watching a Jets game) downgrades after their Atlantic Bowl appearances. However, I feel like at this point in time, Virginia Tech has more key players then Boston College does and for that reason I feel like they will come out victorious. [SCORE: 35-14 VT] [VT PTW: BubbaVll, GodViZe, UchihaMontage, CatchingHD] [BC PTW: softscopes, 10kChurro, tayfws, 10kGOAT] ---------------------------- N. Carolina @ Bluesteel - Bluesteel is an improved S9 Virginia Tech team which lost a tightly-contested game in the AB. However, UNC is also a very stacked team led by KebowBG and mon_s. This is easily the candidate for GOTW (possibly GOTY depending on the rest of the schedule.) I believe that Bluesteel will make a stop or two at the end to win this game, but UNC will still be a threat through-out the season and deep in the playoffs. [SCORE: 36 - 35 BU] [NC PTW: KebowBG, mon_s, SecureKoiMomma, Hokage_TCN] [BU PTW: RayWestXI, Matthew0709, lavykyle, endeavorr] ---------------------------- Louisville @ Virginia - Neither of these teams really stand out that much to me and I don't see a threat at QB so expect this to be a low scoring contest. Both teams have some players that'll make key plays throughout this game but nothing too special from this game. I believe Louisville will win in a very tightly contested game. [SCORE: 21-20 LOU] [LOU PTW: vTyIer, D1Sniped, lordpie, KingAFN] [UVA PTW: 10kSupreme, LxwrenceSantana, MessageFaIied, NLMB_Dante] ---------------------------- Georgia Tech @ Duke - Georgia Tech's franchise as of right now is basically the NFL's Cleveland Browns. However, this season they appear to have added some key components that can possibly push them to a playoff spot. On the other hand, Duke has hired Bailey at HC (and although very annoying, he can get a very active & skilled team.) This should honestly be a very good game but one I feel like Duke can pull off. [SCORE: 35-21 DU] [GT PTW: barrysanderrandymos, Rvoy, HotFudgeNippIes, KriptycALT] [DU PTW: SoftiesHD, BaileyVll, Jxrdee, WizzBenjii] ---------------------------- Korblox State @ Shock U - This looks like it'll be a very good game (just from looking at rosters.) Korblox State has the more known and talented players but a question mark at the QB position. Shock U looks more well-rounded so it will be very interesting to see how this one turns out. For now, I have Shock U in a nail biter. [SCORE: 28-23 Shock U] [KSV PTW: Imgona, VeerUp, DamionBurk, Jordy_BD] [SHOCK U PTW: WillTheNoob1204, Anderson, s_and] ---------------------------- UMass @ N.C. State - N.C State is not the well of a respected team, but they have surrounding talent and a good QB to get the job done. UMass looks like a decent team, but with awsomebjb at the helm, what can you really expect? This game looks like it'll be heavily favored in N.C State's direction. [SCORE: 42-21 N.C State] [NC State PTW: BenLurkGang, SavageVN, JayTrevejo, YoungBoyDraco] [UMASS PTW: Deestroying, Suspect, MidnightXVI, JordanP25] ---------------------------- Clemson @ Syracuse - This game is going in Syracuse's favor due to the talent Sincear has managed to reel in. I'm not trying to diss on Clemson or anything but Syracuse's roster > Clemson's any day of the week. They'll put up a fight because of some of the decent players they possess, but Syracuse gets the dub. [SCORE: 35-14 Syracuse] [CU PTW: WisdomLAX, nawfsideVA, lowkeyeggs, lowkeymav] [SYR PTW: SupremeSincear, BB33ALT, VerliaxMN, atatman44] ---------------------------- Florida State @ Miami - This is a hard one. Both teams are either inactive or low on talent, but in this case FSU gets the upper hand due to them seemingly having more talent and activity then Miami. Skull has to get a new ACTIVE coach for that team. [SCORE: 0-0 FSU forfeit win OR 28-7 FSU] [FSU PTW: jbhunter4, ultirnate, PathOfADemon, Nicky_Swabell] [MIA PTW: Skull_LDS, blaine590, howit, superviser123] ---------------------------- Noob U @ Pittsburgh - Not predicting my own game. (we're still gonna mop the floor with you) ---------------------------- Wake F. @ ROBLOX U - At this moment in time, Wake F. has absolutely nobody with newly hired ATC AustinBerryy, and ROBLOX U is stacked with the Shifts, Murray's, and other key players coming together to form a great team. I don't have much to say. [SCORE: 0-0 ROBLOX U forfeit win OR 42-7 ROBLOX U] [WAKE F. PTW: Austin & whoever shows up] [ROBLOX U PTW: MlbShifts, AndreShifts, BoogiezIsland, MustadMurray] ---------------------------- please post below all the things that you disagree with. i'd love to see you guys whine & complain :)
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Accardi joining Syracuse BTW
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yea Accardi not Acarrdi

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