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#222460424Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:30 AM GMT

Its clear to me that this current "Board of Directors" is majorly flawed. The Skinny: 1. Baumz eliminated K1 and Coit with no evidence besides a possible script error. -Firstly, script errors happen all the time. Have you ever been put on your behind in HHCL and yelled "THATS SUCH A PENALTY" and most of the times it isn't. But yes, there are some cases where you can check the credentials and the hit actually did qualify to be a penalty. This is the same exact thing, and the fact that a 20+ year old retired commissioner feels the need to step back into the Oval Office and override any say from the Board of Directors and Mick is absolutely insane. Did I forget to mention Baumz is ON the victim team? A player with the same admin powers as robloxsrdave just banned 2 players from all 3 leagues FOREVER, and nobody on the board wanted to step in and say "Sorry Baumz, but you're wrong, we have the command here" This isn't the first time this has happened. Baumz overrode Alk when he was commish a few times, but he happened to be right, and it was only regarding lengths of suspensions, so it wasn't as important. 2. Loose played on LAK to help beat NJD because of Baumz' overruling. -I will touch on this more later, but Loose basically convinced Gonzo to let him play and help LAK when Gonzo couldn't make a game, and ratted him out to the Board, backstabbing LAK and giving him the cup because it would've been LAK's "2nd offense" 3. Limiteduhax was allowed to be signed after the draft, by Mick -Wether or not Hax had an account in the draft group is irrelevant at this point. In other Board rulings, actions committed in the past are never touched back upon. (Example: Alk playing for ANA in s8 finals against NYR) was never banned but came clean 2 seasons later. There are other examples of players being signed after the draft that weren't in the group. Hax played all season, and he contributed to other games besides game 5. Want to ban hax and undo his butterfly effect? Redo the entire season, don't want to mess anything up? Leave it the way it is. Ramherd and the board eventually let Hax play, but it was after they switched opinions 6-7 times (and it was in period 2 of the NEXT game). 4. The current board flipped more than 6 times on letting Hax play and/or redo-ing game 5. -Mentioned this above. The board is flawed. They are letting Zermok (on ANA) vote about ANA decisions but aren't letting Vezzie vote because hes "friends with ANA players". Zermok is ON Anaheim. Please. 5. Loose personally eliminated LAK because they pretty much had one more cheating offense than ANA, so they would be DQ’ed regardless of Loose’s cheating. -Heres where I expand on this. Loose, knowing about Alks' "2 offense" rule where if you have 2 major cheating offenses in the playoffs your entire team is DQ'ed, went and intentionally used this to eliminate LAK. Loose played on Gonzo's account when Gonzo couldn't make a game, and then waited until they were on the brink of elimination (3-3 series) to mention that he played, to get LAK eliminated because it would've been their 2nd offense. In my opinion, this should cancel out. Even though LAK has lost 2 other players, Gonzo and Loose should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs and game 7 should be played with the rest of the regular sportsmanlike players of ANA and LAK. My reasoning here is that ANA basically is facing no consequence for THEIR offense because LAK already has 2. This is so wrong. ANA is basically admitting to cheating and winning the cup for it. Loose couldn't care less about a regular season 20 game suspension. The solution is Gonzo and Loose sit for game 7, and you find a legit winner. I don't care about the "What if" factors that are put on the cup winners, at least there was an actual GAME that won the cup. 6. Baumz didn’t give any verdict on anything outside of NJD. -The all mighty and powerful board overruling Baumz had no comment on any of my other points. Just giving k1 and colton the banhammer and posting this on the wall because he's just that desperate: So does NJD want to play in Finals? Board is giving us the option to. 7/26/2017 10:08:39 PM by Baumz If it doesn't rhyme with NJD baumz ain't chiming in. The Solution: The Board is clearly flawed. There is no acting commissioner. Alk's rule about the 2 offenses is flawed because of Loose's loophole, but besides that all his other stances are really strong. Either bring back Alk as commissioner or have fun with a Board that is all friendly with each other and watch this league die out real quick. PS : giving a FFT cup to an entire team is how you start the death process. -LordMyles.
#222460657Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:32 AM GMT

You should be a professional typer dayum
#222461314Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:38 AM GMT

Kawaii ^.^
#222462407Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:47 AM GMT

K1 and co1 were banned from all leagues not just for cheating in that game, but for their past actions. K1 was already complete league banned, until I let him back in. This is his second offense, so that's why I gave them both permanent bans.
#222463334Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:55 AM GMT

Everything is right.
#222463794Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:58 AM GMT

Or just ban everyone when they don't get a pen kappa
#222464297Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:01 AM GMT

"Even though LAK has lost 2 other players, Gonzo and Loose should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs and game 7 should be played with the rest of the regular sportsmanlike players of ANA and LAK." LordMyles, I 100% agree because, I am one of the victims.
#222466575Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:22 AM GMT

@Baumz 1. Your fault for letting him back in, and undermining his previous cheats. (He did hack an entire game server and the lobby) 2. You banned him this time around for not even a valid exploit. Theres a high percentage chance that it was an unlucky check. Sorry, but theres a huge NJD influence here. You need to view this neutrally.
#222466790Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:24 AM GMT

I mean it sounds like you think I want to be back in the playoffs and I would ban people to win a virtual cup. When in reality I don't care about winning the cup, all I care about is keeping people playing my games, if that means banning cheaters who push people away then I will do it. Also I was done after LAK beat us in the redo, but it turns out they cheated again without me even looking into it, and you think somehow I was the one who found out they cheated. You thinking its bias of me to put NJD back in playoffs is clearly mistaken. The right thing to do is to remove the cheating team that won the series unfairly and replace them with the team that was cheated against. It's not me trying to hand a cup to my team, it's the other way around, it cheaters that are handing my team the cup. ANA was going to get away with cheating too if LAK wasn't beating them, is that really what you guys want? another cheating team to win another cup? Also I am the only one to notice exploits in the game, since I am the sole scripter for the game, so me spotting co1t cheating could only occur during a game which I am at. Which during playoffs, that is only when my team is playing against the cheaters. It was proven co1 did exploit the game to not give himself pens, he even admits it, and I think the punishment was justly deserved.
#222466921Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:26 AM GMT

1. We already had proof of them using these non pen scripts, LOTS of people have 2v2'd with k1nq and against him and we've seen him use it already. He never penned at 40+ studs multiple times and it was ONLY for him, so the odds of it being a "script error" is very low. Not to mention they already have a background of other offenses 2. I don't know what this has to do with the board being flawed, explain a bit more on that. 3. Mick made a mistake by not telling us what he did, that's on him not us, we're not just going to take him out now when other teams have ALREADY been affected by him playing, that wouldn't be fair to them would it? And yes I will add in, it wasn't the greatest idea to have mick as the commissioner, I wasn't even on the board when he was brought in and I don't even think the current board members at the time could even have a say in it. 4. "The current board flipped more than 6 times on letting Hax play and/or redo-ing game 5" That statement is completely inaccurate and I don't know where you got it from, we simply had a vote, and vezzie was ALSO in that vote, so I don't really know where you got the whole "vezzie wasn't allowed to vote" thing from either. 5. I'm honestly on board with just nobody winning, because I strongly dislike the fact how much cheating has gone on, I honestly think that you should just start criticising the cheaters and NOT the board, and yes we will try to change the "2 offense" rule and seek a better way to handle the situation, just keep in mind now that none of this would have ever happened if teams decided to just behave and not to cheat. 6. All 3 of LAK's offenses were on NJD, so it still would make sense to put them in the final, even though I wouldn't vote in favor of it, it wouldn't be the worst solution in the world, and it's not even 100% just yet. "The Board is clearly flawed. There is no acting commissioner." Yep that makes us flawed. "Either bring back Alk as commissioner or have fun with a Board that is all friendly with each other and watch this league die out real quick." I think the league would love a friendly working board quite frankly... In conclusion, we know that the seasons didn't really work out too well, and even I admit it, there were a lot of things that need a big change for next season, but if you'd look closely enough you'd see that it wasn't all the board's fault. We were stuck with an inactive commissioner that worked many hours a week and was just too busy, we're going to be working on many strategies on improving the league next season. Just keep in mind none of this would have ever happened if it weren't for the cheaters. I think those people are who you should direct your attention to, not us.
#222467354Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:30 AM GMT

Valid opinion. I still don't see clarity with the k1 and colt situation. But as far as LAK being Dq'ed for NJD. Its a better ulterior motive. Better than handing another team a cup without a game to show for it. Yes, k1 and colt have cheated before, but in this case, you were very quick to pull the trigger on "CHEATER" rather than someone who might've gotten away with a lucky hit. Would you have even worried about the hit if it was codisyto or somestaal delivering it? No, because they aren't know cheaters. Playing assumption cards is where people tend to jump the gun on things, and you fell victim to it now. Thats like me starting to lag in the Detroit series and yelling "CHRIS IS DDOSING ME" and chris gets perma-banned. You need proof. 76% and 25+ studs isn't good enough. Those hits happen all the time, script error.
#222467920Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:35 AM GMT

@Ram I'm content with the middle-ground of letting NJD play in the finals and Loose being suspended the entire series. LAK needs answering to by many people, and I know so many people that are quitting. The cheating won't stop until the hammer is released: -Make every alt, exploit, hacking offense next season a season-long ban -Problem solved, anyone who cheats is gone for that season, anyone who was thinking about it wont. You're welcome. Also, don't let board members vote for their own team polls. It works better that way ;) Good luck.
#222468616Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:41 AM GMT

I can answer your question on your belief that the penalty system is flawed. Yes, 76% on a hit +25 studs away from the puck CAN occur cleanly. If a player had just moved the puck (that is, it is no longer in his possession) their is a 2 second window for players to check him without getting called for interference (the bug here is that sometimes the 2 second window is much shorter, and a pen will be called). A 76% hit on the "Back" shown in the Hit Logs is a pen 100% of the time. There is no reason a hit like this would not show up red on the Hit Logs. THIS is the pen co1 was caught for. Also any hit above 50% that pushes a player +40 studs is also a pen 100% of the time, no way of avoiding this.
#222468772Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:43 AM GMT

I agree with harsher punishments for cheating, that is why I did lay the hammer down on co1 and K1.
#222469322Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:48 AM GMT

Well, we don't actually allow board members to vote on their own team polls, that's how we've done it the whole time this season with trades. I don't even know how you got this information... or if you're just guessing. I'm not going to release too much information but there is a possibility of zermok being present for the discussions and stating his opinion, however what he says does not count as a vote on the situation. As for the other things, we're going to be finding better solutions on how to handle with cheaters/exploiters, and we're going to be making much larger punishments in the future.
#222469581Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:50 AM GMT

No Myles, I've 2v2d vs k1 and co1t. They do hits that are pens all the time. They even did it against me in 5v5 and I caught it and they just played it off. It makes me mad what idiots get away with. I day good riddance they're gone.
#222470449Thursday, July 27, 2017 4:58 AM GMT

I see why colt was banned but why k1, just cause he's friends with colt? There's no proof of k1 "hacking".
#222470808Thursday, July 27, 2017 5:01 AM GMT

You just banned k1 for his past and you also suspended dbgt for absolutely nothing , only because he was friends with k1 and colton
#222471683Thursday, July 27, 2017 5:09 AM GMT

Both k1 and dbgt were suspended for knowing co1 was cheating. k1 was perma banned for past actions, while dbgt was only 3 games. dbgt suspension was also cause k1 or co1 would of just played on his account.
#222578743Thursday, July 27, 2017 9:02 PM GMT

@baumz so k1 was perma banned for knowing about his friend exploiting and not turning him in? what kind of logic is that @ram the board does vote on things including their team because vezzieOG got to vote on the whole PIT situation with him and whether or not he should be forcecut. and the board is pretty corrupt and falling apart, especially considering how biased vezzie is now towards me, I got the longest suspension on PIT for simply having the knowledge that my team was cheating, yet almost everyone on the team knew and resh and nex only got 10 games when they were the only ones who actually cheated, meanwhile I got 20 for knowing about it.

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